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Format : Stay together, Suede
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Stay together, Suede

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 10:33:03 +0100 From: Bidet <> Song: Stay Together By: Suede Transcribed by: Douglas Byron <> Words & Music by: Brett Anderson & Bernard Butler Published by: Nude Records / slide up slide down [ 6? means slide from fret 6 down the neck to an indefinite point] h hammer on p pull off ~ vibrato b bend r release bend X Muted by Left Hand This follows the order of the full length version - NOT the radio Edit INTRO F#m A / D F#m E/ F#m A / D B / Let ring eb----2---------------0-------0---0---------2--2--X--0----- Bb----2-------2----2--2--2/3--------32--0--2--2--X--0----- Gb----2-----2----2----2---------------------2--2--X--1----- Db----4---4-----------2---------------------4--4--X--2----- Ab----4---------------0---------------------4--4--X--2----- Eb----2-------------------------------------2--2--X--0----- eb----2---2-----------0------0-----5-------5----5-4h5-4h5-4h5-4---- Bb----2-----2---------2--2/3---5/7-----5/7----7-------------------- Gb----2-------2-------2-------------------------------------------- Db----4---------4-----2-------------------------------------------- Ab----4---------------0-------------------------------------------- Eb----2------------------------------------------------------------ VERSE 1 F#m A Asus4 A Come to my house tonight, D F#m E We can be together in the nuclear sky. We will... F#m A Asus4 A Dance in the poison rain, D B We can stay a while in heaven today. CHORUS F#m E D A Stay Togeth- er F#m E D A And Stay, These days ????? F#m E D A Stay Togeth- er F#m E D A Two hearts under the skies remain. CHORUS TAB eb-------------------------------------------------------------- Bb-------------------------------------------------------------- Gb--4b6r4--2-4-2-------2-2~~~~---------------------2-4-4b6r4--2- Db---------------4-2-4----------2-4~-4-2-------2-4-------------- Ab---------------------------------------4-2-4------------------ Eb-------------------------------------------------------------- MIDDLE 8 G A [Fill Bb--2-3-5-3-0-2--] There's a time bomb in the high ?life? C#m G (G/F#) There's a blue suburban dream. Bm C#m Will I see you up in paradise? F C D Or have you come to touch me? VERSE 2 Come to my arms tonight, You and me together on electric light. She will dance in the poisoned air, Just you and me forever by the motorway ???? CHORUS MIDDLE 8 VERSE 3 Come to my arms or not, Just you and me together in the year of the hawk. Single file in the nuclear night, And we can feel a little closer as we tumble through the sky. CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS CHORUS WITH 'De Doo ooh' bits CHORUS WITH BERNARD GOING MENTAL ABOUT 5 CHORUSES WITH BRETT GOING MAD OUTRO eb------------------------------------------------------- Bb--------10b12r10~~~------------------------------------ Gb--9-11--------------11?--------------9-9-------------- Db-----------------------------9-h10h11------11p10p9---7- Ab------------------------------------------------------- Eb------------------------------------------------------- Then mostly piano for a bit... Until eb----------------------- Bb---10b12-10-9-10~------ Gb----------------------- And variations of this pattern. For Example eb----------------------- Bb--9--12--10--9--10~~--- Gb----------------------- And |--3--| |--3--| eb-|-----------------------| ) Bb-:-9--12-10-9--12-10-9--:| >Getting faster Gb-|-----------------------| ) Then, in unison with the horn section; eb----------------------------------------| Bb---------------------------------------.| Gb-----------2--4~-2--------2--4b6r4--2~-.| Db--2--2--4-----------2--4----------------| EFFECTS This is tricky because of all the guitar tracks on the record, so here a rough expression of how the combinations come across. Intro - Chorus & mild compression Verse1- Mild distortion Chorus- Fuzz w/the tone turned down Outro - Bluesy at the start, getting fuzzier all the time. If you have any additions/corrections especially about the lyrics, please e-mail me at I hope I have done this song justice in this transcription. The number of tracks makes transcribing it a nightmare, but I think I got all the important bits.

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tablature stay together suede

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