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interstate love song, Stone Temple Pilots, #2787135

Stone Temple Pilots
Interstate Love Song

Album : Interstate Love Songs
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (DOOZER) Subject: Interstate Love Song, STP > Okay. I think I got all of this one figured out, but it was the first song I ever tried to figure out completely, so I am sure it is error prone. Maybe rea lly off, my ear isn't great. Corrections, comments, welcome. > > Interstate Love Song > Music by Robert Deleo > Lyrics by Scott Weiland > Stone Temple Pilots, Album: Purple Intro Riff: e --------------------------------------------------------- b --------------------------------------------------------- g -----------------------------------------9--------------- d --11~~-9-11s9-----------------9--11--14s11--11~~~~~------ a --------------11~~-9s7~~-9-11---------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------- C#m E A Ab B C#m C#m E Main Riff: d ------12-11-9-7-7h9p7h9--- Followed by the chords E AA E Repeat Main riff Then Chorrds E A E Verse: Chords C#5 xxx c#5 C5 xxx C5 B5 xxx B5 Bb5 xxx Bb5 A~~~ Then a brief Bass section w/ (Ithink the chords) E AA E E A E Repeat Verse and E A chord switching Main Riff Section Chorus: C#m E A Ab B Ab Then C#m E A Ab B C#m Then C#m E~~~ Main Riff Section Main Riff Section Verse Repeat A chord at progression's end for "goodbye" Lyric Chorus Main Riff section, end on E A E~~~~ chords. P.S. Ignore the 9 on the g string on the intro riff, It was a mistake P.P.S. The chorus chord progression Is basically the C#m E A with the Ab B Ab and Ab B C#m sections occuring whe the lead vocals oscillate on the lyrics "You LIED hi hied." and "Go BYE hi hi" Hope this is goo d -Matt From: (Olivia D. Isaac) Subject: TAB: Interstate Love Song, STP Someone (I think his name was Matt) posted some chords to this song and he welcomed any comments or corrections. Well, I have some corrections... Here's what I've got for the intro: ---4---------0--------0--------4--------5----------0---------------------- ---5---------0--------0--------4--------5----------0---------------------- ---4---------1--------2--------5--------6----------1---------------------- ---6---------2--------2--------6--------7----------2---------------------- ---7---------2--------0--------6--------7----------2---------------------- ---0---------0--------0--------4--------5----------0---------------------- followed by the main riff: --------------------------------0---0-----0-----0-----0----0----0----0---- ---3---2---0-------0--------0-------0-----0-----0-----0----0----0----0---- ---------------2-------1H2----------1-----1-----1-----1----1----2----1---- ------------------------------------2-----2-----2-----2----2----2----2---- ------------------------------------2-----2-----2-----2----2----2----2---- ------------------------------------0-----0-----0-----0----0----0----0---- I don't have any of the verse part though. Chorus: -4--------0----------0-----------4------5----------0------- -5--------0----------0-----------4------5----------0------- -4--------1----------2-----------5------6----------1------- -6--------2----------2-----------6------7----------2------- -7--------2----------0-----------6------7----------2------- -0--------0----------0-----------4------5----------0------- Leavin'...southern...yesterday...lied...promises...seemed to be -0--------4-----5-------0--------------------------------- -0--------4-----5-------0-------------------------------- -2--------5-----6-------1--------------------------------- -2--------6-----7-------2--------------------------------- -0--------6-----7-------2--------------------------------- -0--------4-----5-------0--------------------------------- all... said to me That's all I have. This TAB was dicated to me by my bro and I don't know how to really write TAB, so if you can't understand this...too bad. Comments? Questions? Queries? Mail me. PS: My brother has hidden TAB archives. If you have a question about it, just mail me. ======================================================== Interstate love song, de Stone temple pilots ========================================================

C#5 chord
C#m chord
Ab chord
E chord
A chord
B chord

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