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Stan Rogers
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Format : Giant, Stan rogers
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Giant, Stan rogers

From: Barrie McCombs <> GIANT Time: 3/4 Tenor: C Bass: C - Stan Rogers, 1976, on: Fogarty's Cove 1 * 5m7 * Cold wind on the harbour and rain on the road 1 * 4 * Wet promise of winter brings recourse to coal 3b/5 * 1 4 There's fire in the blood and a fog on Bras d'Or 3b 7b 1 * The giant will rise with the moon____ 1 * 5m7 * 'Twas the same ancient fever in the Isles of the Blest 1 * 4 * That our fathers brought with them when they "went West" 3b/5 * 1 4 It's the blood of the Druids that never will rest 3b 7b 1 * The giant will rise with the moon____ CHORUS (AFTER VERSES 2, 3, 4) 3b . 7b 1 7b 4 So crash the glass down, move with the tide 3b * 4 1 Young friends and old whiskey are burning in-side 3b . 7b 1 7b 4 5/4 4 * Crash the glass down, Fingal will rise_______ 3b * * * 1 With the moon___________ In inclement weather the people are fey Three thousand year stories as the night slips away Remembering Fingal feels not far away The giant will rise with the moon The wind's in the North, there'll be new moon tonight But we have no circle to dance in its sight So light a torch, bring the bottle, and build the fire bright The giant will rise with the moon ENDING: REPEAT CHORUS AND FIRST VERSE NOTES: - Rogers: DADGBD tuning, play G (capo 5 = C) SYMBOLS: - Asterisk (*) = new measure, play same chord - Period (.) = 1/8 note rest at start of a measure - Underline(_) = sustain note into next measure CHORDS (Number System): - Example: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - Key of C: C D E F G A B - Detailed description: /pub/guitar/other_stuff/numbering_system.txt - Submitted by: Barrie McCombs (

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    Album : Fogarty's Cove

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