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Format : Up the junction, Squeeze
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Up the junction, Squeeze

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: G. Johnston <GJOHNSTO@ESOC.BITNET> Subject: CRD: Up The Junction (Squeeze) Up The Junction (Squeeze) ------------------------- Verse 1 ------- E A I never thought it would happen E With me and the girl from Clapham C#m Out on the windy common E That night I ain't forgotten A Where she dealt out the rations E With some or other passions C#m I said you are a lady E Perhaps she said I may be Verse 2 (chords are the same as verse 1) ------- We moved into a basement With talks of our engagement We stayed in by the telly Although the room was smelly We spent our time just kissin' The Railway Arms we're missin' But love had got us hooked up And all the time it took off Verse 3 (chords are the same as verse 1) ------- I got a job with Stanley He said I'd come in handy And he started me on Monday So I had a bath on Sunday I worked eleven hours And bought the girl some flowers She said she'd seen a doctor And nothing now could stop her Bridge ------ C#m G#m I worked all through the winter F#m The weather brass and bitter B I put away a tenner D Each week to make her better Am And when the time was ready Gm We had to sell the telly F Late evenings by the fire A And little kicks inside her Verse 4 ------- D G This morning at four fifty D I took her rather nifty Bm Down to an incubator D Where thirty minutes later G She gave birth to a daughter D Within a year a walker Bm She looked just like her mother D D A E If there could be another Verse 5 (chords are the same as verse 1) ------- And now she's two years older Her mother's with a soldier She left me with my drinkin' Became a proper stingin' The devil came and took me From bar to street to bookie No more nights by the telly No more nights nappies smelling Verse 6 (chords are the same as verse 1) ------- Alone here in the kitchen I feel there's somethin' missin' I beg for some forgiveness But beggin's not my business And she won't write a letter Although I always tell her And so it's my assumption I'm really up the junction Worked out by (i.e. not necessarily 100% correct but as near as I can get it) Gordon Johnston <328gj@alph1.dev.esoc.esa.de> "A Scotsman in Germany"

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Squeeze Singles
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tablature up the junction squeeze

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