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Format : Electric trains, Squeeze
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Electric trains, Squeeze

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 23:22:16 -0800 From: Geordan Rosario <geordan@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU> Electric Trains (Difford/Tilbrook) Vocal: Glenn Chords typed up by Geordan Rosario, but thought up by Glenn Tilbrook. Remember that one, folks. I figured out the chords from a videotape of their performance on Conan O'Brien, so if there are blatant errors, that's probably where they're from. Also, my tape was cut off, so I don't know the ending! Geordan Rosario (geordan@csua.berkeley.edu) ===================================================================== INTRO: Cm F Cm F Cm F Cm F When I was crowned a mummy's boy by friends I didn't like Cm F Cm F I made a million trips to school upon my father's bike Bb Cm Eb Dm Cm I used to sit between his legs, perched on a piece of wood Bb Cm Eb Dm Cm G Cm If it ever rained on us, I'd slip beneath his hood F Ab F And at home the radio was on REFRAIN: ======== Bb Ab/Bb Eb/Bb Bb Ab/Bb Eb/Bb Bb >From Julie Andrews to Jerry Garcia G Cm Ab F Bb Life was all fun and games Ab/Bb Eb/Bb Bb Ab/Bb Eb/Bb Bb I was out of my head and underneath my bed G Cm Ab Playing with electric trains Cm F At home the stereo was on Cm F My head was filled with rock Cm F I played a willow cricket bat guitar Cm F And soloed round the clock Cm F My records stacked up in a pile Cm Ab Collected from the charts F Bb And Top of the Pops REFRAIN BRIDGE: ======= G Kneeling with torchlight Shining before me C In my bed my eyeballs stuck in readers wives Eb Pubic hairs proudly counted everyday F Bb Manhood took me slowly out into the milky way ADLIB: Bb Ab/Bb Eb/Bb (3x) Bb Cm F I chased the girls and made them cry Cm F My hair grew down my back Cm F The passing of my teenage years Cm F Was spent down in the sack Bb Cm I played guitar and formed a band Eb Dm Cm I puked up all night long Bb Cm As people came to sit and stare Eb Dm Cm G Cm While I raced through my songs F The sound of music passed me by Ab F Bb Just like the Grateful Dead REFRAIN (repeat to end) ===== Copyright (C) 1995 A&M Records (I hope this is right, and if not, my apologies, and please correct this.)

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Squeeze Singles
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tablature electric trains squeeze

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