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Soul Asylum
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Format : Eyes of a child, Soul asylum
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Eyes of a child, Soul asylum

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # >From: jyoon <> >Subject: TAB:Eyes of a Child (Soul Asylum) >Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 00:30:00 -0400 Eyes of a Child Soul Asylum All right, this is my first post after my disastrous Oasis post, so hope this works. This is easy and much easier than the last one I posted. Sorry, I made it kinda concise and it may be hard to understand, so if you need help, feel free to E-mail me. G 320033 D x00232 Dadd9 032033 Dsus4 x00233 Fills (All are guitar 2) Intro ------------10---------------------------------------- -8--8--7h8------8--8--8--7h8-------------------------- ------------------------------7--7--7--5--4--4-------- ------------------------------------------------5--7-- ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ Fill1 ---8--8--8--10--8------------7--7--5---------8--8-----7--7--7--8--10------ -------------------10-----------------8--8---------8------------------10-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fill 2 Fill 3 Fill 4 --------------- -------------------- ------------ --------------- -8--8--7h8---------- ------------ -7--7--5--4--4- ------------7--7--7- -4--7------- --------------- -------------------- -------7---- --------------- -------------------- ------------ --------------- -------------------- ------------ Fill 5 Fill 6 -----------2- -7--8--10--3- ------------10----- -----------2- -8--8--7h8------8-- ------------- ------------------- ------------- ------------------- ------------- ------------------- ------------------- Intro fill Dadd9 G She had thirteen kids Each one had thirteen problems Three uppers ten downers Dadd9 D Just to put up with this Dadd9 G She don't know which children Belong to which father But she loves them all anyway Dadd9 D And they each get a kiss (Fill 1)Dadd9 G And the toilet aien't flushing And the toaster is smoking The vacuum don't suck Dadd9 D but it needs a new belt Dadd9 G Dadd9 G But she saw the world through the eyes of a child Dadd9 G Dadd9 D And remembers how good it was and how good it felt (Fill2)Dadd9 G He picked up the paper (Fill 3) Dadd9 G >From the bitter cold morning He had just gone to sleep (Fill 4) Dadd9 D He had to get up for work (Fill6)Dadd9 G By morning he's a watchman By night he's a waiter In the late afternoon (Fill5)Dadd9 D He works as a clerk (Fill1)Dadd9 G And he can't pay the doctor bills He just can't afford the pills D The car's repossesed and the child support's due Dadd9 G Dadd9 G But she saw the world through the eyes of a child Dadd9 G Dadd9 D The problems seemed smaller and all things seemed new SOLO -3/8--8--8--7--7--7-----------7----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------8--10-------8--7---------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------9---7--7--7--5--5--5--4--5--7-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------7-------------10b(11)-----7--------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dadd9 G She was just six when she turned her first trick Now she's thirteen Dadd9 D and it don't make her sick (Fill3) Dadd9 G And she's does lots of crystal And she owns her own pistol Got a goldfish named Silver Dadd9 D And a pimp who's named Rick (Fill1)Dadd9 G And some are like customers And some are like patients Dadd9 G Dadd9 D She'd 've gone back to school if she just had the patience Dadd9 G Dadd9 G But she saw the world through the eyes of a child Dadd9 G Dadd9 D And none of the nightmares are nothing to deny Dadd9 G Dadd9 G She saw the world through the eyes of a child Dadd9 G Dadd9 D Well she's seen them all and she knows they're all lies OUTRO- Dadd9 G D Dsus4 G

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tablature eyes of a child soul asylum

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