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Smoking Popes
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Format : Rubella, Smoking popes
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Rubella, Smoking popes

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Date: Mon, 6 Nov 1995 20:28:18 -0500 Subject: TAB: Rubella by the Smoking Popes Artist: Smoking Popes Album: Born To Quit (Capitol Records) Author: John Atkinson Since there's precious little tab for this great band, I figgered I'd tab out one of the cooler songs on the 'Born To Quit' album. The chords are accurate - the solo sections are only approximations, and he uses some FX that I'm not sure of on it. It's close enough for me, though - you might want to take it up an octave or something. Try to get a clean but slightly fuzzy sound on this one. My Ibanez Tube Screamer works great. Questions and comments much appreciated... Intro: - Solo: A ----------2-3-5b7b5-------2h3------0h2h3p2p0-------3-2-0------ E ----3-----------------3---------0--------------3-----------3-- (Chords under solo) G D C G - Verse: D G F I'm inflamed with desire and it's spreading like wildfire G E A D She doesn't know it but she'll soon be mine Bb D# Bb D G It's just a question of time C G Rubella D G F I'm in-sanely obsessed and I simply will not rest G E A D She doesn't know it yet but she's the one Bb D# Bb D G And I won't stop until I'm done C G Rubella - Bridge: C Cm G And the heart that she has stolen has now swollen B E to twice its natural size A C D C I've lost six pounds since I laid eyes on her Rubella - Solo 2 (real unsure on this one): A -------0---2--3----------3-2-0-----------3-2-0------------------ E ---3----------------3------------3---0-----------3-----0---3---- (Chords under solo) G D C G - Verse: D G F I'm in love with a girl she's infected my whole world G E A D She doesn't know it but she's inside me Bb D# Bb D G And now I've gone completely C G Rubella D G F She explodes like a fist and she burns from the first kiss G E A D I haven't told her but she's all mine now Bb D# Bb D I knew somehow I'd catch her G C Rubella x6 End with the trademark Popes' stinger on G. E-Mail any comments, flames, questions, or whatever to: JohnA50875@AOL.COM or GPTJ32C@PRODIGY.COM Enjoy - if anyone has tab for View Of The Rain (Take A Walk on No Alternative) by Urge Overkill or any new Sunny Day Real Estate, drop me a line...

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tablature rubella smoking popes

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