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The Smashing Pumpkins
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Format : Siamese dream album, The smashing pumpkins
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Siamese dream album, The smashing pumpkins

>From: SIAMESE DREAM -- Smashing Pumpkins I've done my best with each of these tunes. Each one has been transcribed by me unless otherwise noted. So far I have: Cherub Rock Quiet Today Hummer Rocket Disarm (Mark Schnitzus) Soma Mayonaise (Sang Lee) Spaceboy Sweet Sweet (Jesse Scott) More will be coming soon. Enjoy! Later, -Chris Carman ----------- cherub rock -- smashing pumpkins (billy corgan) ----------- thanks (in part) to Guitar World Magazine I decided to re-tab my earlier cherub rock tab because, basically, it wasn't very good. Anyways, here it is: ----12-12---12-12---12---12-12---12-12-12----- repeat 6x, ---------------------------------------------- clean guitar, -----9--9----9--9----9----9--9----9--9--9----- straight eighths ---------------------------------------------- except for tie -----7--7----7--7----7----7--7----7--7--7----- where the space --0-------0-------0------------0----------0--- is ------------------------------------- 4x with heavy dist., ------------------------------------- lots of guitar noise, -----9-9---9-9---9---9-9---9-9-9----- then play: ------------------------------------- -----7-7---7-7---7---7-7---7-7-7----- ---0-----0-----0---------0-------0--- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- -----13-13---13-13---13---13-13---13-13-13----- ----------------------------------------------- -----11-11---11-11---11---11-11---11-11-11----- ---0-------0-------0------------0----------0--- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- -----16-16---16-16---16---16-16---16---------- -----------------------------------x---------- -----14-14---14-14---14---14-14---14---------- ---0-------0-------0------------0--x---------- then play Riff 1 twice: vib. ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ --119-----13/14---13----119------- ------------------------------------ ---97-----11/12---11-----97------- -------0-0-------0----0-0-----0-0--- and then these two triad chords: -------------------- -------------------- ---2---2-x---------- ---4---4-x--2---2--- ---5---5-x--4---4--- ------------5---5--- then Riff 1 once along with Riff 1a variation, just don't pull off of the 9 on the A string and slide back up to the 11th like this: Riff 1a:---------------------|V ----------------------------|------------------------------ ----------------------------|------------------------------ --119-----13/14---13----11-|-11/13-----13/14---13----11--- ----------------------------|------------------------------ ---97-----11/12---11-----9-|--9/11-----11/12---11-----9-- ...etc -------0-0-------0----0-0---|-------0-0-------0----0-0----- (see chords formations at the end of the file:) [verse] Freak out, give in, D A(ii) Doesn't matter what you all believe in D A(ii) Stay cool, and be somebody's fool this year D A(ii) 'Cause they know who is righteous what is bold C G So I'm told [chorus] D A C G D A C G Who wants honey, as long as there's some money D A C Who wants that honey.. [verse] D A(ii) Hipsters unite, come align for the big fight to rock for you D A(ii) But beware all those angels with their wings glued on D A(ii) 'Cause deep down we are frightened and we are scared C G If you don't stare [chorus] [bridge] E D5 A(iii) C5 G5/D Let me out E D5 A(iii) C5 G5/D Let let me out E D5 A(iii) C5 G5/D Let let me out E D5 A(iii) C5 G5/D Let..let me out.... Then play this riff, similar to the opening one: ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ----9-9---9-9---9---9-9---9-9-9-----13-13---13-13---13---13- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----7-7---7-7---7---7-7---7-7-7-----11-11---11-11---11---11- --0-----0-----0---------0-------0-0-------0-------0--------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -13---13-13-13-----16-16---16-16---16---16-16---16-16-16---- ------------------------------------------------------------ -11---11-11-11-----14-14---14-14---14---14-14---14-14-14---- ----0----------0-0-------0-------0------------0----------0-- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- ---19-19---19-19---21---21-21---------- --------------------------------x-x-- into the guitar solo... ---17-17---17-17---19---19-19---x-x-- -0-------0-------0------------0-x-x-- Play these chords under the solo: D - A(ii) - E D - A(ii) - E D - A(ii) - E D - A(ii) - C - G D A C G Tell me all of your secrets D A C G Cannot help but believe this is true D A C G Tell me all of your secrets D A C G I know I know I know, should have listened when I was told. [chorus] The lead "weedle-a" guitar parts for "Tell me all.." are as follows: vib.... vib. sustain,vib. sustain,vib. ---10(12)-b10-----------|---10b12--b10--------------------- ------------------------|---------------------10------------ ---------------12-11----|----------------------------------- ---------------------12-|----------------------------------- ------------------------|----------------------------------- ------------------------|----------------------------------- vib. vib. ---10b12b10-----------------10b12b10-----10b12--b10--------- ------------10-----------10----------10--------------------- ----------------12-11--------------------------------------- ----------------------12------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ vib. slow bend feedback, vib. ---17b19--17--15p14----------------------------------------- --------------------15-10------10b12--------10(12)--------- --------------------------------------------10(11)--------- ---------------------------------------------10------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ back into Riff 1 once, and Riff 1a seven times through the end. play this through the end, after the riff has been played four times... use 16th note strums, one measure on each chord except for the end chord, which you can figure out by listening to the song. hold guitar noise ------------------------------------------------ ----------------------3------------------------- --13---14---16---19---2-----1---1--x----------- ----------------------0-----2---2--x----------- --11---12---14---17---0-----2---2--x----------- --0----0----0----0----------0---0-------------- Chord formations: A(ii) D A C G x xx x xx o x x xx x xx I*IIII 9-I*IIII 9-*II*II 7-I*IIII 2-I*IIII 5-*IIIII *IIIII IIII*I *IIIII *IIIII III*II III*II II*III III*II III*II 21 3 21 3 T 312 21 3 21 3 E D5 A(iii) C5 G5/D o x xx xxx xo xxx xxx xx 11-I*IIII 10-*IIIII 11-II*III 8-*IIIII 10-**IIII IIIIII IIIIII IIIIII IIIIII IIIIII III*II I**III IIIIII I**III II**II 1 3 133 2 133 1133 ----- quiet -- by smashing pumpkins (billy corgan) ----- This song is one of the easier ones on the album. Lots of heavy, fat distortion, turn up the treble & bass and cut the mids. Do several tremelo bends, down then up, 4x until the drum intro. slide up then down Riff 1 --------- -------------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------------- ---2/--- --2h4-4-4--4/5-5-5--5/7-7-7--7/9-9-9-- ---2/--- --2h4-4-4--4/5-5-5--5/7-7-7--7/9-9-9-- --------- --0-2-2-2--2/3-3-3--3/5-5-5--5/7-7-7-- Play Riff 1 4x as intro, 4x under verse Play this chorus riff 3x then the held note ending: -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- ---11-11----------------------119--9-9-9--9-9--9-7--7--7--9-- ---11-11-9h11-11--11-11--x-x--119--9-9-9--9-9--9-7--7--7--9-- ----9--9-0----0---0--0---x-x---97--7-7-7--7-7--7-5--5--5--7-- hold pick scrape ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ --11-11-------------------------119------(x)(0)----- --11-11-9h11-11--11-11-11--x-x--119------(x)(0)----- ---9--9-0----0---0--0--0---x-x---97------(x)(0)----- For the second verse, play the Riff 1 section 12x and then do the chorus again, all the way through until the hold. To get that harmonic sliding effect, place your finger above the 12th fret on the high E string and slide down slowly, plucking straight 16th note harmonics until you end up above the 7th fret at the beginning of the 4th beat. Do this four times under "We are the fossils, the relics of our time... etc". At the hold, hold for 8 beats, then play this 32nd-note strumming pattern, similar to the end of Cherub Rock: w h h q q q q e e e e e e e e ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ --4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-x-- --4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-x-- --2-3-4-5-6-7-8--9--10-11-12-13-14-15-x-- ------------------------------------------ Under the guitar solo, play the main chorus part 3x and this pattern the fourth time: ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- --11-11-----------------------119--9-9-9--9-9--9/12-12-12-12--- --11-11--9h11-11--11-11--x-x--119--9-9-9--9-9--9/12-12-12-12--- ---9--9--0-----0---0--0--x-x---97--7-7-7--7-7--7/10-10-10-10--- Now here's where it gets interesting... Riff 1 is altered into a 3/4 time signature, with three measures of 3/4 time connected to a measure of 4/4 time. Play this entire sequence 4x, 2x without vocals, 2x under "quiet, i am sleeping...". At the end of the 4th time through, slide up to an B(7th fret E string) power chord instead of going back down to the E power chord. repeat this section 3 times ||-------------------------------|| ||-------------------------------|| [3/4] ||*-----------------------------*|| ||*--2h4-4-4--4/5-5-5--5/7-7-7--*|| ||---2h4-4-4--4/5-5-5--5/7-7-7---|| ||---0-2-2-2--2/3-3-3--3/5-5-5---|| |--------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------| [4/4] |--------------------------------------| |--2h4-4-4--4/5-5-5--5/7-7-7--2-2-2-2--| |--2h4-4-4--4/5-5-5--5/7-7-7--2-2-2-2--| |--0-2-2-2--2/3-3-3--3/5-5-5--0-0-0-0--| The lead part out of the solo into the changing time signatures is as follows (you need to either play it with a Boss Ocataver or deal with it not sounding very full-.. play twice before the vocals (play the notes in the [] to get the octave effect-: vib. vib. ---12/14--12----12/14--12------ --------------------------12--- ---[9/11]-[9]---[9/11]-[9]----- --------------------------[9]-- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- Then the outro is back into 4/4 time, the normal chorus pattern 8x all the way through to the end, where it stops on the E chord the eighth time through. Here's the lead part for the outro, starting halfway through the 4th repeat: vib vib vib ---7(9)-b7--4b5b4------------------------------7b9----------- ------------------7-5-----5-------5-7b8b7---5-------8b9-8b9-- ------------------------4---6-4-6---------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- vib f.h. vib slow vib vib -----------------------------------------5-7b9--7b9--7b9-7--- ---5-------7-7b9-b7------------------5-7--------------------- ------4--------------4------------4-------------------------- ------------------------6-----4h6---------------------------- --------7-----------------7---------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics to Quiet: Quiet, I am sleeping, In here, we need a little hope For years, I've been sleeping Helpless, couldn't tell a soul Be ashamed Mess you've made My eyes never forget, you see Behind me Silent metal mercies Castrate boys to the bone Jesus, are you listening Up there, to anyone at all We are the fossils, the relics of our time Mutilate the meanings so they're easy to deny Be ashamed Of the mess you've made My eyes never forget, you see Behind me Quiet, quiet I am sleeping Quiet, quiet I am sleeping Quiet, shut up I don't trust you Shut up, shut up I can't hear you Be ashamed Of the mess you've made My eyes never forget, you see Behind me Behind me, the grace of falling snow Cover up everything you know Come save me from the awful sound Of nothing ----- today -- by Smashing Pumpkins (billy corgan) ----- Thanks (in part) to Guitar World magazine (refer to the chord formations at the end of the file) Okay, everyone, we've been duped by Billy Corgan. You don't need to capo the first fret or tune down a 1/2 step or anything. Normal tuning, I swear. intro/theme riff ---11----13----11----15p11------ play this cutesy little riff ------11----11----11-------11--- 4x solo, then 8x with band -------------------------------- behind playing these dist. -------------------------------- chords: -------------------------------- -------------------------------- Eb5 Bb Ab Eb5 Bb Ab Eb5 Bb C Ab Eb5 Bb Ab The lead part is as follows: repeat six times then do: vib. --------------------- --------------------8------- ------8-----8h9p8---- ------8-------8h9------8---- --8-8---8-8-------8-- --8-8---8-8-8------------8-- --------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------- ---------------------------- Eb5 Bb Ab Today is the greatest day I've ever known Eb5 Bb Ab Can't live for tomorrow, tomorrow's much too long Eb5 Bb Ab I'll burn my eyes out Eb5 Bb C Before I get out F Ab C F Ab C I wanted more than life could ever grant me F Ab C F Ab G D5/A Bored by the chore of saving face The lead part over the above chords is really simple, play it on the first and third times, over the C (8th fret) chord: slow bend w/vib ---------------- ------5b7------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- Eb5 Bb Ab Today is the greatest day I've ever known Eb5 Bb Ab Can't wait for tomorrow, I might not have that long Eb5 Bb Ab Eb5 Bb C I'll tear my heart out before I get out Play this lead part above the second verse (clean guitar): -----------------------------------------|-------------------- -----------------------------------------|-------------------- ---------------------12-13---12h13p12----|-------------------- ---13----15----13---------------------13-|-13----15----13----- ------13----13----13---------------------|----13----13----13-- -----------------------------------------|-------------------- ------------------------------------------|-------------------- ---------------------11-------------------|-------------------- ---12-13-------------------12h13p12-------|-------------------- ---------13-------------13----------13p12-|-13----15----13----- ------------13----13----------------------|----13----13----13-- ---------------11-------------------------|-------------------- ----------------------------------|----------------------------- --------------------11------------|----------------------------- --12-13-------12---------13p12----|----------------------------- --------13------------------------|-13----15----13----17p13----- -----------13----13------------13-|----13----13----13-------13-- ----------------------------------|----------------------------- dist. vib -------------------------------- -----------------------13------- -------------------/12----12--- -------------------------------- ---13/15-15-15-15--------------- -------------------------------- F Ab Eb5 Bb Pink ribbon scars that never forget F Ab Eb5 Bb I've tried so hard to cleanse these regrets F Ab Eb5 Bb My angel wings were bruised and restrained F Ab G D5/A My belly stings Eb5 Bb Eb5 Ab Eb5 Bb Eb5 Ab Today is.. today is.. today is.. the greatest.. Eb5 Bb C Ab Eb5 Bb C Day hee-yay, oo oo ooo ooo ooo.... Day hee-yay-ay, hooo... F Ab C F Ab C I want to turn you on, I want to turn you on.... F Ab C F Ab I want to turn you on, I want to turn you.. Eb5 Bb Ab Eb5 Bb Ab Today is the greatest.... today is the greatest day Eb5 Bb C Ab Eb5 Bb C Ab Eb5 Today is the greatest.. day.. I have ever really known. The lead parts in the outro are the clean cutesy riff, the hammer-on 8th fret riff, and this: vib sustain ------------------------------------------15p11------------- -------------------------------------11---------11---------- --12---------12h13p12----12----12h13------------------------ -----15-13------------13----13------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ Then end with the Eb chord and a trem bend down. Chord formations: Eb5 6688xx Bb 688766 Ab 466544 C 8/10/10/9/8/8 F 133211 G 355433 D5/A 5577xx ------ hummer -- by smashing pumpkins (billy corgan) ------ This song is a little tougher than the earlier three because it's a lot longer and a bit more complicated. First, tune your low E string (6th string) down a whole step to a D. The intro is a sitar-like line with some weird noise gate/static effect: Repeat 10x --2h3p2-------------2h3p2-----2-3-- --------4-3-1-3-3-3-------x-x------ ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Then play this fuzzed main riff: ---------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------12-- --11-11b12b11---11-11b12b11---12--11b12b11---11-11b12b11----12-- --------------0-------------0--------------0-------------0---9-- ---9--9b10b9--0--9--9b10b9--0-10---9b10b9--0--9--9b10b9--0--10-- --------------0-------------0--------------0-------------0------ sust. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------12-- --11-11b12b11---11-11b12b11---12--12b14b12--11b12b11---11-11b12b11----12-- --------------0-------------0------------------------0-------------0---9-- ---9--9b10b9--0--9--9b10b9--0-10--10b12b10---9b10b9--0--9--9b10b9--0--10-- --------------0-------------0------------------------0-------------0------ Now play this distorted line: slow ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- --7--7-----7--7-----7------------------7-9--9/11-11-------11-11-------- --7--7-5h7-7--7-5h7-7--9-9-9-9----------------------14p12-------14p12-- --5--5-5h7-5--5-5h7-5----------9-b10b9--------------------------------- -------5h7------5h7---------------------------------------------------- trem. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------/15--------------------- ----------11--9--b6b7b2-----11b12b11----11h12-14------14-11-b12b11-14----- -------------------------------------12-12----14-------------------14-12-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --/9-9-9-9-9--7--b4b5b0--------------------------------------------------- sust. ---------------- ---------------- --11b12b11------ --14-------14--- -----------15--- ---------------- Now play these clean chords under the first verse: Repeat 4x ---------| |--0----0--0---0---| |--3----3--3---1---| |--2----0--0---0---| |--0----2--2---2---| |------------------| |------------------| Then play these distorted chords: --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- --2--2-2--2-2-/5--5-5--5-5-

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