Tablature seasons in the abyss

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Format : Seasons in the abyss, Slayer
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Seasons in the abyss, Slayer

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: "Scott H. Andrews" <> S E A S O N S I N T H E A B Y S S by Slayer from the album "Seasons in the Abyss" transcribed and edited by Scott Andrews harmony parts and general corrections by Matthew Holliman intro: low harmony part E5 F5 ||-----0---------------------------||---------------------------------| ||-----0---------------------------||---------------------------------| ||---------------------------------||---------------------------------| ||--2--------2---------------3--3--||--------------------2------------| ||--2-----2-----1>----<1-----3--3--||-------3--2~~~---2-----1>---<1---| ||--0------------------------1--1--||-0--1----------------------------| bend up & down bend up & down high harmony part ||------------------------------------|| ||---------------------17-------------|| ||----14-17-16~~~---16----15>---<15---|| ||-15---------------------------------|| ||------------------------------------|| ||------------------------------------|| bend up & down acoustic intro riff: E5* ||-----------0-----------------------0----------------| ||--------0-----0-----------------0-----0-------------| ||-----3-----------3-----3-----3-----------3-----3----| ||--2-----------------2-----2-----------------2-------| ||----------------------------------------------------| ||----------------------------------------------------| F5* C5* B5* |-----------0-----------------------0-----------0----|| |--------0-----0-----------------0-----------0-------|| |-----3-----------3-----3-----3-----------3----------|| |--3-----------------3-------------------------------|| |--------------------------3-----------2-------------|| |----------------------------------------------------|| power chords w/ * are the rythym guitar that comes in behind the acoustic riff after the first four times or so. E5 022--- F5 133--- C5 3355-- B5 2244-- a second rythym guitar comes in later playing the same chords in different positions. E5 -799-- F5 -81010-- C5 3355-- B5 2244-- the E5 and F5 are strummed in 16th notes. main thrash riff: E5 Eb5 ||--------------------------------------------------|| ||--------------------------------------------------|| ||--------------------------------------------------|| ||-----------------------------------2--------1-----|| ||-----------------------------------2--------1-----|| ||--0--2--3--0--2--3--5--0--2--3--0-----3--0-----2--|| verse riff: E5 Eb5 E5 F5? E5 Eb5 ||----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------| ||----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------| ||----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------| ||-2-----2--1-----------|--2-----2--------------|--2-----2--1-----------| ||-2-----2--1-----------|--2-----2--2-----------|--2-----2--1-----------| ||-0-00--0------0--0--0-|--0-00--0--1---0--0--0-|--0-00--0------0--0--0-| 1/^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 2/^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ E5 C5 Eb5 E5 G#5 G5 |------------------------||-------------------------| |------------------------||-------------------------| |------------------------||-------------------------| |--2-----2----------1----||--2-----2-------6---5----| |--2-----2-------3--1----||--2-----2-------6---5----| |--0-00--0--0----3-------||--0-00--0--0----4---3----| CHORUS: E5 G5 F#5 close your eyes, look deep in your soul, step outside your mind G5 F#5 and let yourself go E5 F5 G#5 G5 F#5 as you go insane, go insane 1ST SOLO RYTHYM: variation on Verse Riff played 1 step (2 frets) higher; no 1st and 2nd ending w/ power chords - instead continue riff for a 4th measure. 2ND SOLO RYTHYM: Chorus chords. SOLOS: comments by Matthew Holliman <> King's solo is based on G# locrian if I remember right. Hanneman's begin with an arpeggiated Am7, played up an octave each time, beginning with A (6 stg) 5 fr. The tapping bit is 12-8-5-8-5 13-8-5-8-5, on the 2nd string, then again on the 1st string. The final bit is 10-5-7-8 on the 1st string, then up to the 22nd fret, a half-step at a time.

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seasons in the abyss

Album : Seasons in the Abyss

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Guitar Collection (Partition)
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tablature seasons in the abyss slayer

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