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Simon And Garfunkel
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Format : For emily, Simon and garfunkel
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For emily, Simon and garfunkel

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: FOR EMILY, WHEREVER I MAY FIND HER PAUL SIMON Transcribed by: Here's the way I've been playing it -- not an exact lift, but gets the feel of the song, sounds amazing, and is surprisingly simple to play. It is fingerpicked (somewhat hard to play with a flatpick, but possible if your country claw has an even bass-treble volume ratio, and uses both the middle and index to work the top strings. I personally think it sounds better with fingerpicks or even bare fingers). I play it on Capo III THE CHORDS: D5: xx0235 G5: xx0033 D: 200232 G: xx0033 Cmaj7: x32000 A: x02220 THE PICKING PATTERN: B-2-(3+1)-2-B-2-(3+1)-2 Where B is the lowest bass note, as indicated in the above chord charts. (3+1) indicates that the 3 and the 1 are plucked simultaneously. As you may have guessed, all of the above strings get 1/8 note. This pattern is consistent throughout the song Intro: /D5/G5/D5/G5 THE SONG: Intro: /D5.../G5.../D5.../G5.../ (D5) What a dream I had,(G) pressed in (Fig 1) organdy (D) Clothed in crinoline (Cmaj7) of smokey burgandy (G) Softer than the (A) rain I wanderd empty streets, down past the shop display I heard cathedral bells, tripping down the alley-way As I walked on And when you ran to me, your checks flushed with the night We walked on frosted fields of juniper and lamplight I held your hand (instrumental) And when I awoke and felt your warm and near I kissed your honey hair, with my grateful tears Oh I love you girl (Cmaj7) Oh (G) how I love you (A) girl THE FIGURES: Each dash represents 1/16th note. I have tried to be exact in this to make it easier. s - strum r - strum, with a slight ritard (normally notated by a wavy down arrow next to the chord) p - pluck Fig 1: p--> s E|------------0---| B|--3---3-----0---| G|------------0---| D|----------------| A|----------------| E|3---2---0-------| Instrumental: p s --> p s--> E|----5-----5-5-5-|--3---2---3-3-3-|----3-----3-3-3-| B|----3-----3-3-3-|--3---3---3-3-3-|----3-----3-3-3-| G|----2-----2-2-2-|--2---2---2-2-2-|----0-----0-0-0-| D|0---0-----0-0-0-|--0---0---0-0-0-|----0-----0-0-0-| A|----------------|----------------|----------------| E|----------------|----------------|3---------------| p--> s p s--> p p E|------------0---|----2-----2-2-3-|2-p-0-----------| B|--3---3-----0---|----3-----3-3-3-|3-------3-------| G|------------0---|----2-----2-2-2-|2-----------2---| D|----------------|0---0-----0-0-0-|----------------| A|----------------|----------------|----------------| E|3---2---0-------|----------------|----------------| r p--> E|----------------|----------------| B|0---2---0-------|0---------------| picking pattern resumes G|0-----------4---|----4---2---0---| for last two measures of instr: D|2---------------|----------------| /G.../A.../ --> last verse A|3---------------|----------------| E|----------------|----------------| There it is. Enjoy. -- e

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tablature for emily simon and garfunkel

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