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Simon And Garfunkel
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Format : April come she will, Simon and garfunkel
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April come she will, Simon and garfunkel

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (David Wong) Subject: TAB: April Come She Will (Simon & Garfunkel) Here's the TAB for Simon & Garfukel's "April Come She Will". Play the section between the double bars and "o"s three times through, these marks are supposed to look like the symbol to repeat. However, when you get to the final four measures the third time, skip the ones marked "1,2" and continue on to "3". To match the recording, try using a capo at the first or second fret, I can't recall which. The chord shapes are all actually fairly basic, use: G/D (xx0787), G6/D (xx0780), D (xx0775), G (3x0003), C/G (3x2013), Am (x02210), Emadd4/G (3x220x), Fmaj7 (1x221x) (for this one use either your thumb or barre an Am shaped chord to get the bottom note), Em (022000), C (x3201x) and Dadd4 (x5403x). -Dave G/D G6/D G/D G6/D G/D G6/D e-----7---------|-0-------|-7---------|0-------|-7---------|-0-------| B--T------8-----|-----8---|-----8-----|----8---|-----8-----|-----8---| G--A-----7--7---|---7---7-|----7---7--|--7---7-|----7--7---|---7---0-| D--B--0---0---0-|-0---0---|-0---0---0-|0---0---|-0---0---0-|-0---0---| A---------------|---------|-----------|--------|-----------|---------| E---------------|---------|-----------|--------|-----------|---------| D G C/G G C/G G e-----5---------||-------3-----|---------|---3------|---------|------3------| B--T------7-----||o------------|-1---0---|-------0--|-1---0---|-------------| G--A-----7---0--||----------0--|---0---0-|-----0--0-|---0---0-|---------0---| D--B--0---0---0-||-----0-----0-|-2---0---|------0---|-2---0---|----0------0-| A---------------||o------------|---------|----------|---------|-------------| E---------------|| -3----------|---------|-3--------|---------|-3-----------| A-- C/G G C/G G C/G G Am e-----3-------|------3------|---------|----3------|---------|-----------------| B--T------1---|-------------|-1---0---|--------0--|-1---0---|-1--------1------| G--A----0---0-|---------0---|---0---0-|------0--0-|---0---0-|------2----------| D--B------2---|----0------0-|-2---0---|-------0---|-2---0---|-----2-------2---| A-------------|-------------|---------|-----------|---------|-0-------0-------| E-----3-------|-3-----------|---------|-3---------|---------|-----------------| pril come she will when steams are Emadd4/G Fmaj7 Em C e----------------|------------|------------|-0----------|------------| B--T--0-------0--|-1------1---|-0------0---|--------0---|-1------1---| G--A-------2-----|------2-----|------0-----|------0-----|------0-----| D--B------2----2-|-----2----2-|-----2----0-|-----2----0-|-----2----2-| A----------------|------------|------------|------------|-3-----3----| E-----3-----3----|-1-----1----|-0-----0----|-0-----0----|------------| ripe and swelled with rain- May Dadd4 G Em e-----------------|------------------|------------------|-0----------------| B--T--3------3----|------------------|------------0-----|------------0-----| G--A-------0----0-|--------0---------|--------0---------|--------0---------| D--B------4---4---|-----0------------|-----2--------2---|-----2--------2---| A-----5-----5-----|------------------|------------------|------------------| E-----------------|-3--------3---2---|-0--------0-------|-0--------0-------| she will stay- 1,2\\\\\\\ Am Em Am Em e------------------|------------------|--------------|------------------| B--T--1-------1----|-0----------0-----|-1-------1----|-0----------0-----| G--A-------2-------|--------0---------|------2-------|--------0---------| D--B------2------2-|-----2--------2---|-----2------2-|-----2--------2---| A-----0------0-----|------------------|-0------0-----|------------------| E------------------|-0--------0-------|--------------|-0--------0-------| rest-ing in my- arms a-gain. \\\\\ 3 D G/D e-----0--------------- ||-2-------------|-2-------------|-7---------|-0-------| B--T------------------o||------3--------|------3--------|-----8-----|-----8---| G--A------------------ ||---------2-----|----2------0---|----7--7---|---7---7-| D--B------2----------- ||-0----0----0---|-0----0--------|-0---0---0-|-0---0---| A---------------------o||---------------|---------------|-----------|---------| E-----0-------0---2--- ||---------------|---------------|-----------|---------| G/D G6/D G/D G6/D D G e-----7---------|0-------|-7---------|-0-------|-5---------|-3------------| B--T------8-----|----8---|-----8-----|-----8---|-----7-----|--------------| G--A-----7---7--|--7---7-|----7--7---|---7---0-|----7---0--|--------------| D--B--0---0---0-|0---0---|-0---0---0-|-0---0---|-0---0---0-|--------------| A---------------|--------|-----------|---------|-----------|--------------| E---------------|--------|-----------|---------|-----------|-3------------| June, she'll change her tune. In restless walks she'll prowl the night. July, she will fly And give no warning to her flight. August, die she must. The autumn winds blow chilly and cold. September, I'll remember A love once new has now grown old. -- From: (Flynn Matthew H) April, Come She Will -------------------- --Paul Simon G C G C G C G A - pril, come she will Am Em Fmaj7 Em When streams are ripe and swelled with rain C D G Em May, she will stay Am Em Am Em G C G C G Resting in my arms again G C G C G C G June, she'll change her tune Am Em Fmaj7 Em In restless walks she'l prowl the night C D G Em July, she will fly Am Em Am Em G C G C G And leave no warning of her flight G C G C G C G Au - gust, die she must Am Em Fmaj7 Em The autumn winds blow chilly and cold C D G Em September, I'll remember Am Em D G A love once new has now grown old -- Matthew H. Flynn o o Department of English ^ University of Southwestern Louisiana \___/

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    april come she will

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