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Sheryl Crow
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Format : The difficult kind, Sheryl crow
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The difficult kind, Sheryl crow

================================================================================ Title : The Difficult Kind Artist : Sheryl Crow Songwriter : Sheryl Crow Album : The Globe Sessions Transcribed by : Kathy Bula ================================================================================ Tuning: *D* A D G B e Drop that D! Chords (relative to CAPO on 3rd fret): -------------------------------------- Intro: (see tab below... it's basically a bunch of inversions of the D chord) Verse: D C9 G C9 D C9 G C9 D C9 G C9 D G C9 G (also see tab, but these are the basic chords) Chorus: D Em7b5 C9 G D Em7b5 C9 G D Em7b5 C9 G C9 G A run to C D D (that run is tabbed out below also) Transition: D D Verse: D C9 G C9 D C9 G C9 D C9 G C9 D G C9 G Chorus: D Em7b5 C9 G D Em7b5 C9 G D Em7b5 C9 G C9 G A run to C D D Bridge: G* F Bb C9 G* F Bb G* Bb G* Violin D Em7b5 C9 G D Em7b5 C9 G Solo: D Em7b5 C9 G C9 G A run to C A run to C-let ring Verse: D C9 G C9 D C9 G C9 D C9 G C9 D G C9 G (tab for 1st verse is pretty close--listen to CD if you want it exact) Chorus: D Em7b5 C9 G D Em7b5 C9 G D Em7b5 C9 G C9 G A run to C A run to C D Em7b5 C9 G D Em7b5 C9 G D Em7b5 C9 G C9 G A run to C A run to C A run to C D / / / D Em7b5 C9 G-let ring Odd Chords: ---------- C9 Em7b5 G* F Bb E|-3--0-----3---1--1- B|-3--3-----3---1--3- G|-0--0-----0---2--3- D|-2--2-----0---3--3- A|-3--1-----5---3--1- D|----------5---x--x- It's very important not to play the bottom string on the F and Bb!!! Tab: ---- This is close, but it isn't perfect. It will get you started. If you want it perfect, it's only fair to buy the book. Or listen to the CD over and over. :) The timing and rhythm you will have to work out yourself; I just put down the chords used and what order they're in. You may find that it's more trouble than it's worth to drop the D. It's only used for one note in the entire song, that I can hear. If you want to play it in standard tuning, just use a normal G chord in place of the G* chord. It's played on an electric, but it sounds really nice on an acoustic, also. Legend: ------- h = hammer-on p = pull-off Intro - Remember: Capo III !! E|--------------------------------------------------------- B|-----3-------------3------------------------------------- G|-2---2-2-2-------2-2---2-2------------------------------- D|-0---0-0-0-----0-0-0---0-0------------------------------- A|-0---0-3-0-0h2---0-0-0-2-0-1-3--------------------------- D|---0----------------------------------------------------- 1st verse E|---------------------------||--------------2-3-3-3--|| B|-----------------1-3-3---3-||*-------------3-3-3-3-*|| G|-------2-0-0h2-2-0---0---0-||--2-2-0-0h2---2-0-0-0--|| D|-------0-0-0---0-2---0-2---||--0-0-0-0---0---2-0-2--|| A|-------0-0-0---0-3---2-3---||*-0-0-----------3---3-*|| D|---------------------------||-----------------------|| E|------------2---3-----3-----3-3------ B|------------3---3-----3-----3-3------ G|-2--2-0-0h2-2---------------0-0------ D|-0----------0-0-----0-----0---------- A|-0----------0-----3------------------ D|------------------------5------------ Whenever you have an A to a C9, use this little run: E|-------------3- B|-----2-------3- G|-----2-------0- D|-----2-------2- A|-----0-0-2-3-3- D|---------------

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The Sheryl Crow Collection
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