Tablature we were only

Jules Shear
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Format : We were only, Jules shear
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We were only, Jules shear

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 22:34:40 -0400 From: Bob Kaphan <> Subject: TAB:we_were_only_making_love by jules_shear >From the *fabulous* Jules Shear album The Great Puzzle comes this beautiful song (track 3) which should have been a huge hit for some mainstream crooner (Richard Marx???). This song is (c) 1992 Geffen Again Music/Juters Music, Inc/Funzalo Music Ltd, administered by Music Corporation of America, Inc. We Were Only Making Love (Shear) -------------------------------- Intro: || A | E | F#m | D | F#m | D E | A | Asus4 A || Verse1: (A) D F#m I had my doubts that I'd find someone D F#m Who looked like you, who'd be like me D And what feels wrong from the start A E Is so easily pulled apart A Asus4 A But still I wanted it to be D F#m I guess I wanted it far too much D F#m I overlooked the small details D But it's from these little things A E And the pleasures that they bring A Asus4 A That our hopes succeed or fail Chorus: (A) D We were only making love A G D We were only making love E A D Well I thought that we were really doing something E A But we were only making love (Intro) Verse2: (A) D F#m And what feels so good at bedtime D F#m Doesn't always make it through the day D I've seen people just go on A E They got a world they built upon A Asus4 A And nothing left to say D F#m I guess I wanted it far too much D F#m I couldn't see it happening D The change that comes upon us slow A E And changes us before you know A Asus4 A Into a different same old thing (Chorus) (solo)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> || A | D | F#m | D | F#m | D | Bm | E || Verse3: (E) D F#m The heat of summer was ours to share D F#m Well you can hide but I can tell D That when we feel the fall A E And see the letters on the wall A These are the sad words that they'll spell Chorus: (A) A(C#) D We were only making love A G D We were only making love E A D Well I thought that we were really doing something E A D The passion rained down on us from above E A D It's strange that now this far from where it happened F#m It'd be easy to see D E A That we were only making love (Intro)

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we were only

Album : The Great Puzzle

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tablature we were only jules shear

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