Tablature outskirts of town

Sawyer Brown
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Format : Outskirts of town, Sawyer brown
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Outskirts of town, Sawyer brown

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # The Outskirts Of Town ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recorded By Sawyer Brown Written By Greg Hubbard & Duncan Cameron Chords Used G D C Em G/B Am7 E--3--2----------3------ B-----3--1------------1- G-----2----------------- D--------2--2---------2- A--X--X--3--2----2------ E--3--X--X-------X----X- | | denotes one measure 3/4 time |G | | | |C | | | | Past The |G | | | | 1. Fields Of His Dreams All The Cars Drove 2. Say There's So Much Out There For You 3. Looks Past The Fields At The Sunrise |C | | | | Ninety To Nothin' Towards Town He'd Maybe He Never Will Know The Watchin' The Stars As They Fade He |G | | | | Wave And He'd Watch And He'd Wonder Then The Buses They Load Up The Dreamers But Sits On The Hood Of His Pickup |C | | | Dust Would All Settle Back Down Well, There Ain't Leavin' Was Too Far To Go Thinkin' That He's Got It Made Because The |D | |C | |G | Nothin' Out There But An Old Drive In Screen Where E li za beth Washed In The Blood And Surrounded By The Land And The Prettiest Girl That He's Ever Seen Lives Up The | |C | |G |D | Taylor Was Queen And Like The Rest She Quit Comin' Around Love He Had Known Now He'll Plant His Dreams In The Ground Road Just A Piece And They're Talkin' 'bout Settling Down |C |D | |G | | | | 1. To The Outskirts Of Town They {To Second Verse} |C |D |G | 2. On The Outskirts Of Town {To Chorus} 3. On The Outskirts Of Town {To Chorus} CHORUS: |G |C | |D |G | On The Outskirts Of Town He's Livin' A Dream Where They |C | |D |G | Weather Their Storms Praying Down On Their Knees And They |C | |D |Em |D |C | Hold To Each Other 'Cause They Know What They've Found----------- | | |D | On The Outskirts Of Town End Chorus |G | | | |C | | | | 2. He {To Third Verse} |G |C |D |G |C |D | 3. On The Outskirts Of Town On The Outskirts Of Town-------- |G | | | |C | | |C G/B Am7|G | There ya go, I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I do! JASON NEUS

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tablature outskirts of town sawyer brown

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