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Rosetta Stone
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Format : Leave me for dead, Rosetta stone
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Leave me for dead, Rosetta stone

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Mad Marcus B) One of my personal favourites from *that* album, before they went all wibbly. Hmmm. Anyway, I've tabbed it. Yum. For comments, corrections, deceased cows, etc., contact me through Mad Marcus B at Leave Me For Dead ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By Rosetta Stone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tabbed By Pope Bovophobe V ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Version Datestamp: 27.12.94) Riff One: ~~~~~~~~~ e|--------------------------------------------------------------- B|--11--10------------------------------------------------------- G|---------12--12------------10-----10-10-10--------------------- D|-----------------10h12--13------------------------------------- Riff Two: ~~~~~~~~~ e|--------------------------------------------------------------- B|--11--10----13----11------------------------------------------- G|---------12----12---------------------------------------------- Riff Three ~~~~~~~~~~ e|--5---6--5---6--5----6---5---6--------------------------------- B|----8------8-------8---8---8----------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------- e|--5---6--5---6--5---------------------------------------------- B|----6------6--------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------- e|--5---6---5---6------------------------------------------------ B|----5---5---5---5---------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------- Riff Four ~~~~~~~~~ [p.m.............] e|--------------------------------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------------3-------1------------ G|-/8---8-0-7-0-5-0-5-3-0----------0--2--3-----0--2-------------- e|--------------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------------- G|-/8~--8--0--7--0--5--0--3--0--5-0-0-3-0-0-2-0--5-0-0-3-0-0-2-0- (the second time round and after that the palm-muted bit does this): [p.m............] e|-------------------------------------------------- B|--3---0--2--------1------------------------------- G|----3-------0--1---------------------------------- Riff Five ~~~~~~~~~ e|--6-0-5-0-3-0-2------------------------------------------------ B|--------------------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------- Riff Six ~~~~~~~~ e|-----2-3-5-3-2-5-3-2-5--5-6-8-6-5-8-6-5-8--7-8-10-8-7-10-8-7-10 B|--5~----------------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------- Riff Seven ~~~~~~~~~~ [p.m] e|--------------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------------- G|-----------9--------------------------------------------------- D|-5-5-5--5--9--9------------------------------------------------ A|-5-5-5--5--7--9------------------------------------------------ E|-3-3-3--3-----7------------------------------------------------ How to Play it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------------------ Guitar 1| 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 4 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 --------|--------------------------------------- Guitar 2| 7 7 7 7 - - - - -5-7 7 7 - - - - -5- --------|--------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- Guitar 1| 1 1 1 4 - - 1 1 1 3 3 3 4 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 --------|-------------------------------------------- Guitar 2| 7 7 7 -5-6 6 7 7 7 - - - -5- 7 7 7 7 7 7 - --------|-------------------------------------------- Notes ~~~~~ It's been pretty hard to figure out guitar 2 (with my luck there probably isn't one), so I've put what I can remember from the mix I've heard from "On the Side of Angels", e.g. riff 7, which that version opens with. Riff 5 comes in on top of the last bit of 4 (the bit at the end which repeats twice- it's played on the second of those). I think I'm right in saying that 5 is played by guitar 2. We can only hope. On riff 6, you can pop in a few hammer-on's if you feel the need. I know I do sometimes. Finally, there is "Madame Razor" playing chords throughout the song, and I think that she/it may mirror the chorus guitar. The chords are more noticeable on the mixed version, however. Anyway, swiftly moving on... Lyrics ~~~~~~ To stand mortified Deceit can't hide the error inside The words you say Don't stand they fall Amomgst the tangled lies you make Believe it's true convince yourself It's me not you That delivers pain and comes between Tonight- shame me with the thoughts I am denied Tonight- shame me, shame me Or leave me for dead... It's natural, to feel like this Remember times when nights are long I've lost the means to carry on I think it's time to realise There's no time left no time at all So take what's mine I want what's yours Tonight... -oOo- Look's like a severe case of Eldritch Sentence Emulation Blues to me (Hmm pondered the Doktor). #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# | ____ | -*Die Makrele ist ein verdammt breit Fisch*- | | A.K.B (____) | Pope Bovophobe V is Alex The Kipper(AKB),\__/Arch Cyberpope,| | K.H.C | Ordo Templi Thermophilic Philopoles, (oo) Kipper of the | | C.P.P (__) | Holy Chao of the Church of Pineal Perfection, and creator | | (oo) | of the Cumulative Frequency Curves of Eris. Hail Eris! Hail | | /-------/ | Discordia! (__) Kipper consumption is good for your soul | | / | || | Slipper (oo) redemption is good for the hole in the sock| | * ||----|| | "Ich bin ein /Raucherhering und ich trage eine Hausschue." | #------------------------------------------------------------------------------#

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    leave me for dead

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