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Ghost Blues, Rory Gallagher, #2798158

Rory Gallagher
Ghost Blues

#2798158 - Ghost Blues Guitare
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From uunet!wupost!!!mbremfor Fri Jul 17 12:12:13 PDT 1992 Article: 823 of Path:!uunet!wupost!!!mbremfor Newsgroups: Subject: SLIDE INTRO: Ghost Blues (Rory Gallagher) Message-ID: <> From: (Michael Bremford) Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1992 05:40:52 GMT Sender: (News Admin) Organization: Dept. of Comp. Sci., Victoria Uni. of Wellington, New Zealand. Nntp-Posting-Host: Originator: Lines: 102 GHOST BLUES - Rory Gallagher Slide Guitar Intro Transcribed by Mike Bremford Tuning : Open E (Low to high E B E G# B E). I'm using: ~~ To mean vibrato 5/8 To mean play 5, slide up to 8 and play 8 (5)/8 To mean slide up from 5 to 8, play 8. (But dont play 5) 5/(8) To mean play 5, slide up to 8, but dont play 8. /10 Slide up to 10 from a few frets below 10 Slide down to 10 from a few frets above 0h1 Play open, hammer to 1 3-/-5 Long slow slide from 3rd to 5th. ~~~~~~~~~~~ E +---------------------------------------------------------------------------- B +-(5)/8-/8-/8-/86-5----(5)/8-/8-/8-/86-5----(5)/8-/8-/8-/86-5------------- G#+-(5)/8-/8-/8-/86-5----(5)/8-/8-/8-/86-5----(5)/8-/8-/8-/86-5------------- E +----------------------------------------------------------------/10--------- B +---------------------------------------------------------------------------- E +---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-FAST-| Slower slide ~~~~~~~~ |---Tempo Slowing---> E +-------------------|-------------------------------------------------------- B +-------------------V----------(5)/8-/8-/8-/86-5----(5)/8-/8-/8-/86-5------ G#+------------------------------(5)/8-/8-/8-/86-5----(5)/8-/8-/8-/86-5------ E +-125/8-5---3----3-/-5------------------------------------------------------ B +--------------3--3-/-5------------------------------------------------------ E +---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quiet |---Long slides------| -----------------| |---| ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ E +---------------------------------------------------------------------------- B +-(5)/8-/8-/8-/86-5--------------------------------------------------------- G#+-(5)/8-/8-/8-/86----------------------------------------------------------- E +--------------------5------5-5---5----/14-------12-----(12)X--------------- B +----------------------5--5---5---5-----------------------------------5-7---- E +-----------------------5-------5------/14-------12-----(12)X----3/5-------- Slow Slide ~~~ Hold 5th ~~~~~ ~~~~~ | ~~~~~ E +----------------------------------------------|----------------------------- B +---------5------------------------------------|----------------------------- G#+-------5---5----------------------------------V----------------------------- E +-----5-------5---------------14---------12---------10----------------------- B +-8--(8)-...-(8)------------14---------12---------10---------10--/12--------- E +-----------------------5/14---------12-----7-/-10-----------10--/12--------- |---Quiet------| |-Slow Slides-| |--Without Slide, Finger Normally-| ~~~~~~~~~~~~ E +------------------------0-----------------------------------3-/-5--5--5-/-8- B +---------------------------------------------------------------------------- G#+------------------------------------------------------------------------^--- E +-7-/-8----7-/-8---5-----------------------------------------------------|--- B +------------------------------0h1-0h1-0h1-0h1-0h1-0---------------Real-Slow- E +-7-/-8----7-/-8---5-----0-2-5-----------------------5----------------------- ________________________________________________________ ~~~ | Slightly Quiter | E +---------------------------------------------------------------------------- B +---------------------------------------------------------------------------- G#+---------------------------------------------------------------------------- E +---3---3--3---2--2---1--0------3---3--3--3---2--2---1--1--0----------------- B +------3--3---2--2---1---0---------3--3--3---2--2---1--1---0----------------- E +---3-3--3--/2--2--/1----0------3-3--3--3--/2--2--/1--1----0----------------- This was an absolute nightmare to transcribe to computer... Its real hard to get the correct feeling accross, so Its best to listen to the recording. The arpeggios that the intro finishes with are suspect... they are my approx- imations, but they have the right feel. The part labelled fast on the TAB (start of line 2) is probably played differently than this, but the notes are right (This was the first time I played slide learning this intro, and this seemed easier then.) You have to LISTEN to the recording to get the timing and volume of the notes right, although I've tried to indicate that. Wear the slide on your little finger, becuase at one point he plays normal notes with the rest of his fingers. On a lighter note (Ha! Note. Geddit?) its a great intro, and sounds *groovy*.. Enjoy!?! Cheers Bigears.... Mikey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================== Ghost blues, de Rory gallagher ========================================================

G# chord
E chord
B chord

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