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Roger Whittaker
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Format : Last farewell, Roger whittaker
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Last farewell, Roger whittaker

THE LAST FAREWELL Time: 4/4 Tenor: G Bass: ?? - Words: R. A. Webster, Music: Roger Whittaker, 1971 - Record: Roger Whittaker: several! - Source: Roger Whittaker, His Finest Collection, page 38 INTRO: 1, 57, 1, 57, 1 * 57 1 * There's a ship lies rigged and ready in the harbour * 17 4 * To-morrow for old England she sails * * * * Far a-way from your land of endless sunshine 2m * 57 * To my land full of rainy skies and gales 1 57 1 * And I shall be on board that ship to-morrow * 17 4 * Though my heart is full of tears at this fare-well CHORUS: 2m 5 1 6m 2m 57 .. For you are beauti-ful and I have loved you dearly 2m 57 1 * More dearly than the spoken word can tell 2m 5 1 6m 2m 57 .. For you are beauti-ful and I have loved you dearly 2m 57 1 * More dearly than the spoken word can tell I heard there's a wicked war a-blazing And the taste of war I know so very well Even now I see that foreign flag a-raising Their guns on fire as we sailed into hell I have no fear of death, it brings no sorrow But how bitter will be this last farewell Though death and darkness gather all about me And my ship be torn apart upon the sea I shall smell again the fragrance of these islands In the heaving waves that brought me once to thee And should I return safe home again to England I shall watch the English mist roll through the dale NOTES: - L2: 6m on "England" - L4: 2m7 on "land", 4 on "rainy" - L6: 6m on "tears" - C2: 2m7 on "dearly"

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tablature last farewell roger whittaker

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