Tablature you wear it well

Rod Stewart
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Format : You wear it well, Rod stewart
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You wear it well, Rod stewart

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (icf) With respect to M. Edelman's transcription, I made some corrections to Rod Stewart/M. Quittenton's "You Wear It Well," (2/22/95) Fr: I.C. Figuracion; {title:You Wear it Well} {st:Classic Rod Stewart} [D]I had [G]nothing to do on this hot afternoon but to [A]settle down and write you a [D]line I been [G]meaning to phone ya, but from Minnesota [A]Hell, it's been a very long [D]time You wear it [A]well A [Em]little old [D/F#]fashioned but [G]that's all [A]right [D]I sup[G]pose you're thinking Aunt Betty's sinking oh he [A]wouldn't get in touch with [D]me For [G]I ain't begging or losing my head I [A]sure do want you to [D]know That you wear it [A]well [Em]There ain't a [D/F#]lady in a [G]land so [A]fine oh my [D]Remember those [G]basement parties, your brothers karate [A]All day rock and roll [D]shows the [G]homesick blues and the radical views [A]haven't left a mark on [D]you You wear it [A]well A [Em]little late on the [D/F#]time but [G]I don't [A]mind But I ain't for[G]getting that you were once [A]mine but I [G]blew it without even [A]trying Now I'm [G]eating my heart out [A]trying to get a letter [D]through [Em]Since you've been [D/F#]gone it's hard to [G]carry on [A] I want to [D]write about the [G]birthday gown that I bought in town as [A]you sat down and cried on the [D]stairs You knew it didn't [G]cost the earth, but for what it's worth you made me [A]feel like a million[D]aire and you wear it [A]well [Em]Madame O[D/F#]nassis got [G]nothing on [A]you [D]Well my [G] coffee's cold, and I'm gettin told that I [A]gotta get back to [D]work So when the [G]sun goes low and you're home alone [A] think of me and try not to [D]laugh and I wear it [A]well [Em]I don't [D/F#]mind if you [G]call col[A]lect But I [D]ain't for[G]getting that you were once [A]mine but I [G]blew it without even [A]trying Now I'm [G]eating my heart out [A]trying to get back to [D]you [Em]Since that's been [D/F#]said, what's [G]left to ad[A]dress? "The little man knows all ..."

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you wear it well

Album : Never a Dull Moment

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tablature you wear it well rod stewart

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