Tablature the ghost ship

Robyn Hitchcock
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Format : The ghost ship, Robyn hitchcock
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The ghost ship, Robyn hitchcock

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: nailbndr@worm.hooked.net (Brian Gustafson) Subject: CRD:Robyn Hitchcock."The Ghost Ship" "The Ghost Ship" by Robyn Hitchcock (lyrics & chords) A The Ghost Ship haunts the sea F#m to still come back and marry me D A the rust is where her heart should be tonight D A her face is where her fingers were tonight A a glassy checkered engine room F#m the speechless silence of the tomb D A the manuscripts inside the womb unfurls_ E a girl _ D translucent as a jelly fish A that palpitates upon a dish D A7 E she stings you with her gently falling curl_ D A and sinking in the waters green tonight_ D A I wonder where my love has been tonight_ ---repeat chords The ghost ship changes course and on the deck there stands a horse who's munching on sardines and gorse and hay_ the captain draws a net across the bay_ The bubbles rising from the deep where dead men sing themselves to sleep from oak and coral they decieve to say_ okay_ you read my future like a chart see through my skin into my heart that flutters in my ribcage like a bird_ D E and the ghost ship sails on in to some ones life_ ---repeat chords The air from bottles forms into the skeletons of all the crew in white they dance against the blue and wail_ their curling bodys flail around the sail_ The figure head before the mast stares back into the golden past across the wrinkled sea so vast, forlorn_ she moans_ and flutters 'round me like a moth that beats against mosquito cloth and trys to eat her way into my dreams_ and sinking in the waters green tonight_ I wonder where my love has been tonight_ ---repeat chords The melons on the riverbank are bulging through decaying plank the beauty is so warm and dank and light_ the captain wears a headless grin tonight_ and sillhoutted on a blue the cook,the mate,the boseman too they know not why or what they do at all_ they fall_ like masonry in the abyss that opens every time we kiss I hear their laughter echoe 'round the bay_ D E and the ghost ship sails on into someones life_ ---continue with A7,E and variations that trail off 'til the end. Leave it to R.H. to write such a dreamy song. If anyone knows anymore Robyn, Please post them ! -- D.R.G.

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tablature the ghost ship robyn hitchcock

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