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Robert Plant
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Format : Ship of fools, Robert plant
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Ship of fools, Robert plant

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: LIVENGOOD.MIKE@A1GW.GENE.COM (Mike Livengood) Subject: TAB: Ship of Fools (Robert Plant) This song is all feel...well, tone helps too. Doug Boyle plays guitar on this and creates an ethereal mood that is the key to the song. It is best played with the fingers instead of a pick. Set your amp to maximum clean with no compression (this will allow the dynamics to sound right). Set your reverb to high and very little or no delay. The intro is made up of little triads that should be pretty straight forward. Don't rush it. The verse continues to be sparse. You may need to add a few more notes in if you don't have a keyboardist. Just follow the chords. The solo is a masterpiece of maturity and feel. No shredding here. I have notated certain notes in parentheses that are very quiet. Some are so quiet that you could consider them implied. Once again maintain the mood. In bar XX of the solo I have notated two bend and releases. These are actually silent bends and releases with the notes pre-bent a half step and released to the correct pitch...youUll get it when you hear it. Ship of Fools -Robert Plant ^ hammer-on or pull-off () quiet note / slide br bend & release Intro section p p p E------7---------5-----]-----------12--12^10^8-----8-l B----8---8-----7---7---]-8^7-------------------10----l G-(9)-------(7)--------]-----7-----------------------l D----------------------]-------9---------------------l A----------------------]--------(10)-----------------l E----------------------]-----------------------------l p p p l-7------7------5------]-----------12--12^10^8-----8--ll l----8--------7---7----]-8^7-------------------10-----ll l------9---(7)---------]------7----------------------oll l----------------------]--------9--------------------oll l----------------------]---------(10)-----------------ll l----------------------]------------------------------ll Em-G-C-Bm...Em-G-A-D Section I p l---------------------------------------l l---5---------3-------5-5^3-------------l l-4---4-----4---4---4-----------0-------l l---------------------------------4-2---l l---------------------------------------l l---------------------------------------l h p l------------------------------------------ll l---5---------3-------0-1-0^1^0------------ll l-4---4-----4---4---2-----------2---------oll l------------------------------------4-0--oll l------------------------------------------ll l------------------------------------------ll Section II (I know why...) p l--------------l-----3^2------l l-------0--1---l-0-------3----l l-2-----2--2---l-0---------2--l l---2----------l-0------------l l--------------l--------------l l--------------l--------------l ...Fools sl sl l------------l-------------l l------53---l-------------l l--2/4-42---l-------------l l------------l-------------l l------------l-------------l l------------l-------------l Solo sl l-------------------l-----------------l l-----5-8---8-7-5---l-5---------------l l----5------------7-l---/(5)----------l l-(7)---------------l-----------------l l-------------------l-----------------l l-------------------l-----------------l sl sl p p h l------------------------/12-10-l----------l--7^5^-------l l---5-5----8-8---/12-10---------l-12^10----l------8--5---l l-------------------------------l-------12-l-----------7-l l-5------7----------------------l----------l-------------l l-------------------------------l----------l-------------l l-------------------------------l----------l-------------l h h h h p sl l-------------5------l-------------/7-5-l l---------5^8---7----l--7--7^5----------l l-5^7^5^7---------7--l---------7-5------l l--------------------l------------------l l--------------------l------------------l l--------------------l------------------l XX br br sl l-7--/-------l--5--/-------l---------5-7-----10/12-l l--(7)-7--5-5-l----(5)-5-----l--5-8---5------10------l l-------------l----------7-7-l-5---------------------l l-------------l--------------l-----------------------l l-------------l--------------l-----------------------l l-------------l--------------l-----------------------l p p sl l-10--12----------12-l--10-12-------------l l---------12^10------l--------12^10-------l l--------------------l--------------12/16-l l--------------------l--------------------l l--------------------l--------------------l l--------------------l--------------------l p p p l------7----------5-----]-----------12--12^10^8-----8--l l-8------8----7-----7---]-8^7-------------------10-----l l---9-----------7-------]-----7------------------------l l-----------------------]-------9----------------------l l-----------------------]--------(10)------------------l l-----------------------]------------------------------l p sl l------7---------5-----]-------------------------------l l----8---8-----7---7---]-8^7------------------7/8------l l-(9)-------(7)--------]-----7--------------7--/9------l l----------------------]-------9--------7-9------------l l----------------------]-------------------------------l l----------------------]-------------------------------l Outro p l-15------------------l-15-------------------l l-15--15---12--10--12-l-15--15--12--12^10----l l-----14---12--11--12-l-----14--12--------12-l l---------------------l----------------------l l---------------------l----------------------l l---------------------l----------------------l Bm7 l--5---l l--8---l l--7---l l--9---l l------l l------l On waves of love my heart is breaking... And stranger still my self-control... I can't rely on anymore... New tides surprise my world it's changing... Within this frame an ocean swells... Behind this smile I know it well... Beneath a lover's moon I'm waiting... I am the pilot of the storm... Adrift in pleasure I may drown... I built this ship it is my making... And furthermore my self control... I can't rely on anymore... I know why...I know why... Crazy on a ship of fools... Crazy on a ship of fools... Turn this boat around... Back to my loving ground... Oh no...oh no... (Repeat intro) (Drums enter) You claim that no man is an island... While I land up in jeopardy... More distant from you by degress... I walk this shore in isolation... And at my feet eternity... Draws ever sweeter plans for me... I know why...I know why... Crazy on a ship of fools... Crazy on a ship of fools... Turn this boat around... Back to my loving ground... Oh no...oh no... Ship of fools... -Solo- Turn this boat around... Back to my loving ground... Oh no...oh no... Crazy on a ship of fools... Crazy on a ship of fools... Turn this boat around... Back to my loving ground... Oh no...oh no... Ship of fools... BASS Section I .1.+.2.+.3.+.4.+..1.+.2.+.3.+.4.+. G---------------l-----------------l D---------------l-----------------l A---------------l-3--2------------l D-2----0-5------l-----------4/5-4-l .1.+.2.+.3.+.4.+..1.+.2.+.3.+.4.+. l----------------l----------------l l----------------l----------------l l----------------l----------------l l-2---/7-5-------l-7-------0------l Section II l------4-5-l-----l l--5-------l--5--l l----5-----l---5-l l----------l-----l Chorus ...Crazy on a ship of fools... l----------l------------l--------------l l----------l------------l--------------l l----------l--3-3-2-0---l----------3-2-l l--5--2--0-l----------5-l--2-5-2-5-----l l----0---0---0-----------l------------l---- l------------------------l------------l---- l--7---5---3---2---------l------------l---- l-----------------5-4-2--l--/7-5-7-0--l--2- There are some sections missing I believe, but the majority of it is there. I have transcribed this in parts over a long period of time, which is why it is kind of broken up. If anyone works out the tune based on my transcription, let me know. And if you work out any parts that I have omitted, let me know also. M.L.

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