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Rick Ruskin
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Format : Here comes the sun, Rick ruskin
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Here comes the sun, Rick ruskin

From JRJarrell@aol.com Sun Feb 4 19:08:57 1996 Received: from emout04.mail.aol.com (emout04.mail.aol.com []) by wired.com (8.7.3/8.7.3) with SMTP id QAA13427 for <dgaudet@hotwired.com> Sun, 4 Feb 1996 16:09:31 -0800 (PST) From: JRJarrell@aol.com Received: by emout04.mail.aol.com (8.6.12/8.6.12) id TAA23484 for dgaudet@hotwired.com; Sun, 4 Feb 1996 19:08:57 -0500 Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 19:08:57 -0500 Message-ID: <960204190855_135803347@emout04.mail.aol.com> To: dgaudet@hotwired.com Subject: TAB:HereComesTheSun_Rick_Ruskin Subj: TAB:HereComesTheSun_Rick_Ruskin Date: 02/04/96 To: dgaudent@hotwired.com *Here Comes the Sun* is a great tune. This arrangement by Rick Ruskin really nails it. As example, and before you get into it, give measure 19 a shot...sound familiar? It will take some patience to get the fingering down but its worth the effort. I am concerned that because the record has been out of print a long time many will not be able to play this. The good news is that the melody is very well known so that will help. A great arrangement, it is too bad that Ruskin has never received the recognition he deserves. Fingerstyle Guitar magazine has done a lot to correct that. Playing Notes: (numbers refer to measure) 1. Slow with feeling. Hold the arpeggio notes for two beats or more. The rest of the tune is up to tempo but not as fast as you might think. Medium pace. 2. A double bass lead...not unlike Blind Blake ie., Rick frequently plays two bass notes before a melody note. Two ways to do this... two consecutive thumbs or first use thumb (6th strg) then index (4th strg). I prefer the latter and then play the pinched notes with thumb/middle or thumb/middle. 3. This took me forever to finger smoothly. Use ring finger on 6th, middle on 3rd, index on 2nd. Keep ring down and slide down to 6th strg, 4th fret. As you do that, shift index finger to 3rd strg and move middle to 2nd strg. Once middle finger anchored on 3rd fret, 2nd keep it there for rest of measure. Use thumb to get 6th strg, 2nd fret. Whew!! A major reason why you need to capo on IV...Rick has long fingers! 4. Feel free to hammer-on the open to 2nd fret notes. This holds true throughout. Rick does not... but what does he know?? :-) If you must, you can use the open 4th strg vice the 4th fret, fourth strg throughout. You will lose alittle by doing so but if it helps..go for it. To get the 4th fret, 4th strg you must use the pinky. (well, I suppose you could use your nose!!) 7. I recommend using the index finger on last note in prep for open 6th w/thumb in measure 8. 11. I use alternating thumb and index on first four notes of the chromatic run then two thumbs on last two notes. 14. Use pinky/ring on 7th fret. Keep pinky down and slide up to get 3rd fret E7 note lead in. 19. The Beatles played this part about 6 or 7 times as I recall. I repeat this measure several times just to give my left hand a rest. If you really get into the tune you will see what I mean. 20. Second half of measure basically the same theme as measure 19. Again, some tricky fingering. If too hard, just play as noted in 19. You may want to play more hammer-ons and pulloffs on the D chord...ie. the 1st and 3rd strings. As example, in measures 2,4,8 etc., try pulloffs vice two separate notes on the 1st and 3rd string. HERE COMES THE SUN George Harrison Arr: Rick Ruskin From: Rick Ruskin (Takoma) Tab: Jim Jarrell h hammer-on p pull-off a arpeggio / slide ( ) alternate notes Dropped D, Capo IV Intro: 1. e|---2---0-2---------2---0-2--------| b|-----3-------3-------3--------3---| g|-------------2----------------1---| D|----------------------------------| A|----------------------------------| D|-------------0----------------0---| a a 2. 3. |--------2-0--------|--------0--------0-- |--------------3----|-----3--------3----- |--------2-0------2-|--4--------2-------- |-----0--------4----|-------------------- |-------------------|-------------------- |--0----------------|--5--------4-------- |--------0---------0------------| |-----3---------3------3-2-0----| |--0---------2---------------2--| |-------------------------------| |----------------------0--------| |--2---------4------------------| Section I 4. 5. |------2-----0--2--------|-----------2p0---------- |---------3-----------3--|----------------3-----0- |------2-----0--2--------|-----2-----2p0-------(0) |---------4-----------4--|--------0-------4------- |------------------------|------------------------ |---0--------------0-----|--0----------------0---- 6. 7. |-----------0------------|---------------0------- |---------3-------3----0-|--0h2----3------------- |------0-----------------|-----0----------------- |---------0---------0----|-------2------------0-- |------------------------|--0---------0-----0---- |---5----------5---------|----------------------- T I 8. 9. |------2-----0--2--------|---------2p0---------- |---------3-----------3--|--------------3-----0- |------2-----0--2--------|----2----2p0-------(0) |---------4-----------4--|------0-------4------- |------------------------|---------------------- |---0--------------0-----|--0--------------0---- 10. 11. |---------2-0------------|-----0---------------- |------------------3----0-h-2------0------------ |------0-----------------|-------6-----0-------- |---------0-----------0--|-----------7---------- |------------------------|--0------------9--7--- |---5-----------5--------|---------------------- 12. 13. |--------2-----0--2-------|--------------------- |-----------3-----------3-|--------3------------ |--------2-----0--2-------|----2h4---4--2----0-- |--0--------4-----------4-|------0--------0----- |-------------------------|--------------------- |-----0--------------0----|--0-------0---------- 14. 15. |------------0----------|-----------0----------- |-------7------7-----3--|-----------------3p0--- |---------7-------------|-----1----------------- |-------0---------0-----|--------0-------------- |-----------------------|----------------------- |---5--------5----------|--2-----------2-------- 16. 17. |------------2p0--------------|--------0-------0- |--------------------3--------|-----3--------3--- |---1-/2-----2p0-----------2--|--4---------2----- |--------------------4--------|------------------ |-----------------------------|------------------ |---------0-------0-----0-----|--5---------4----- |------0-------0------------| |----3-------3----3-2-0-----| |--0-------2-------------2--| REPEAT SECTION I |---------------------------| |-----------------0---------| |--2-------4----------------| Section II 18. |-----2-----0-2---------------0--| |--------3----------0-h2---------| |-----2-----0-2----------0-------| |--------4-----------------2-----| |----------------------0---------| |--0-------------0---------------| 19. |------------------------------------2p0-----| |------------1-----1-----0----------------3--| |----------2-----0-----0-------------2p0-----| |------2-3-----2-----0-------0----0-------4--| |--0-4---------------------2-----------------| |-------------------------------0------------| T I 20. |--------------0--------1-----0---------------- |-----0h2-------------------1-----1--3-------3- |---------0---------------2-----0------4---4--- |-----------2---------2-3-----2----------5----- |-------0---------0-4----------------------0--- |--0---------------------------------5--------- 21. |-------2p0------------------0--------| |------------3-----0-h2---------------| |-------2p0-------------2---------2---| |----0-------4------------2---------2-| |---------------------0---------0-----| |--0------------0---------------------| 22. |-------------5-------------------5-----| |--3-----3-------------2-----2----------| |----2-------------2-----2------------2-| |------0---------0---------2--------2---| |----------------------0--------0-------| |--0-------0----------------------------| 23. |------------------------| |--3--2--0---------------| |-----------2--0---------| Repeat the whole |--4--2--0--------0------| thing... |-----------4--2---------| |--------------------0---| Note: I need to add the ending!!! Notice I never got around to putting it on paper... I hate it when that happens!!! :-) Jim Jarrell Work: JarrellJ@N4.OPNAV.NAVY.MIL Home: JRJarrell@aol.com

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