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Strange Affair, Richard Thompson, #2785111

Richard Thompson
Strange Affair

From Mon Jun 5 01:22:24 PDT 1995 Article: 18085 of Path:!!!!!gatech!!uunet!!das-news!dimock From: (Allyn Dimock) Newsgroups: Subject: TAB: Strange Affair by Richard Thompson Date: 05 Jun 1995 03:32:53 GMT Organization: Aiken Computation Lab, Harvard University Lines: 85 Distribution: world Message-ID: <> NNTP-Posting-Host: A Strange Affair Si Fadul al-Huwari / Richard Thompson Transcription and data entry by Allyn Dimock. This particlar version comes from the authorized fan cassette "Doom and Gloom from the Tomb" FLYC 001 and was a demo version for the First Light album. The intro and first verse are transcribed: the guitar behind the vocals is not guaranteed to be accurate. I was mostly interested in how simple the accompaniment was, and in how licks are inserted into pauses in the vocals. The song is in the key of B, which I have interpreted as A capoed at 2. It seems to be in normal tuning. The E chords are a bit clumsy as I have noted them at the second fret: you may want to play them from a half bar on the 7th fret. 1 A E----------------|-------------------|-----------------------|--------------| B----3-3-------2-|-3-----3-2---2-----|-3-----3-------2p0-----|--------------| G----2-------2---|-2---4---------4p2-|-2-2-4---2-2h4----h2---|--------------| D----2-----2-----|---4-2-------2-----|-----2---------------4-|1/2--2--------| A----0---0-------|-0-------0---------|-0-------0-------------|--0-----------| E----------------|-------------------|-----------------------|--------------| | | | | | | | | s s | | | s s | s s s | | t t This is a 5 E A E A E-----0-----4-----2/4---4-5-4---0---|-------------------|-------------------| B---0---0-----5---|---5-------5-----|-------------------|-----0--------2h3--| G-4-------4-----4-|-4---4---4-------|-----------------2-|---4---4----2-2h4-4| D-2-------2-------|-2-------2-------|---2---4-2---2-----|-2---------2--2----| A-----------------|---------------2-|-0---0-----0---4---|---------0---------| E-----------------|-------------4---|-------------------|-------------------| | | | | | | | | | | s s | | | | | ss |ss strange affair the time to travel road of has but is fear. come the full 9 E A E---------|-0-----------0-2-|-4-0---0-0-------|---------------------| B-2-----0-|-0---0-----0-----|-----0-----------|-2---------2---------| G-2---2---|---4---0---------|-----1-----------|-----2---------2-----| D---2-----|-2---------------|-2---------2-2---|-2-2---4p2---2-----0-| A-0-------|---------2-------|---------2---2---|-0-----4p2-0-----4---| E---------|-----------------|-------------4---|---------------------| | | | | | | | | | | | | s s | | s s this strange affair my youth been I'm is has wasted a all and 13 E A D A E----------------------|---------|-------------------|---------0-------| B-----0--------3p2-----|---------|-------------2--2--|-3-2-2-3---------| G---4---4--2-2-4p2-----|-2-------|---2---------2-----|-2---------------| D-2----------------4-2-|-2-2-----|-0---4-4---2---2---|-----2-----2-----| A----------4-----------|-0---4---|---------0---------|-0-------2---4---| E----------5-----------|---------|-------------------|-----------------| | | | | s s s | | | | | | s s | | | | bent with and all my taken a-way and and years of companions grey are Esus/B 17 D A D A D A D A F#m E-----------------|-0---0-----0-------|----------------|-----0-----------| B-----------------|-3---3---3---------|----------------|-3-------3---2---| G-------2-----2---|-2---2-2-----------|---2---2--------|---2---2-2-----2-| D-0-4-4---------2-|-4---4-------2---2-|-0---0-----2----|-0---------2-4---| A---------0---4---|-----------0---4---|---------0---4--|-----4---2-------| E-----------------|-------------------|----------------|-------------2---| | | | | | | s s | | | | | | | | | who will me dying day? I took provision fooled wasted a- provide a---gainst my but me for my own it and 21 E B(5)7 E E-0---2---2/4---0-----|-------------2---2/4-------- B---5---5-----5-------|-------0---5---5-----5------ G-4---4-----4---------|---2---2-----4-----4-------- D-2---2-----2---2-0---|---4-4---2---2-----2-----2-- A-------------------4-|-2---------------------2---- E---------------------|---------------------------- | | | | s s | | | | | | way 2:Oh where companions are my ======================================================== Strange affair, de Richard thompson ========================================================

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