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Format : Chronic town album, Rem
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Chronic town album, Rem

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Rich Ormerod <> Wolves, Lower ============= {The riff --- repeat as necessary} (E) ---0-------0------0-------0--------0-----0---0---0-------------- (B)--8---8--10--10--8---8--10---10---8----10----0---0---0---0-----0- (G)--9------11------9------11--------9----11---9---8---6---8---8---- (D)------------------------------------------------------7---9------ Suspicion yourself suspicion yourself don't get caught Suspicion yourself suspicion yourself let us out {Hang on those last 3 notes, then...} Wilder lower wolves here's a house to put wolves out the door {Riff2} (E) ---------0- playing this note on open E facilitates (B) --10-9-8- hitting the D chord on time {Play "A" and "D" like this} "D" chord: "A" chord: (E) --0-- --0-- (E) --0-- --0-- (G) --7-- --7-- (D) --7-- --6-- (A) --0-- --0-- riff2 "D" riff2 "A" riff2 "D" riff2 "A" (E) --0---0---0--- (B) -5--4--3----2- In a corner garden wilder lower wolves A D G C * 3 House in order G Down and around beam the party to rise {Do da break like this} (E) -12-12-10-9--7-7-9--7 (B) -12-12-10-10-8-8-10-8 (G) -12-- {Open G string and/or D thrown in doesn't hurt} {End song on Em7} Gardening At Night ================== Intro : (G) ---2---2-4-2---2---2-4-2- (D) -0---0-------0---0--------- G Gmaj7 G6 G5 C G Gmaj7 G6 G5 C D C G I see your money on the floor I felt the pocket change through all A7 The feelings that broke through that door Just didn't seem to be too real D C Beyond it's nothing but a fancy sun just G A7 Hurts my eyes somewhere it must be time for penitance D Gardening at night is never where G A D Gardening at night Bm C#m The neighbors go to bed at two Bm C# Crawl out of bed and pull the chain Bm C# Tried just changing every month Bm D A D They said it couldn't be arranged D C G Well you collected garbage son but they were busy in the rows A7 D Though not to see the sun gardening at night just didn't grow {Same as before} Your sister said that you're too young They should know they've been there twice Carl was two in fifty one They said it couldn't be arranged Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars) =========================== {Opening riff} (B) --------0----- (G) ------0---0---- (G) -------0--0--- (D) -----4---4--4-- X 3 then.. (D) -----4------4- (A) -7-7----------- (A) -7-7----------- Bm / G D G A/Asus2 {Repeats over verse} There's a secret stigma weeping willow A diminished carnival of sorts Chronic town poster torn weeping willow Stranger stranger to these parts G A Bm A Gentlemen don't get caught cages under cage G A Gentlemen don't get caught Bm G A/Asus4 (B) --2-2-3-2-0--- (G) ------------2- Boxcars (are pulling) out of town {Do opening riff} Cages under cages under cages under cage Secret stigma weeping willow Stranger stranger to these parts Chronic town poster torn weeping willow Diminish stranger 1,000,000 ========= As far as "1,000,000" is concerned, I haven't really had time to work out all the chords, but the main one which Buck plays over the verses is, I think, something like this: E--0-- E--0 It's some kind of mutant B--0-- B--0 (4?) "open" B chord. Also, you G--9-- or G--4 can remove the Barring finger D--9-- D--4 alternately to get the bass A--9-- A--2 note in there. Heavy on style E--7-- E--2 of course. I'm not sure of these because I'm going from memory and my guitar is at home. Screw around with it and see what happens. 1,000,000 ========= {Riff} "B" chord: "E" chord (E) --- --- (B) -4- --- (G) -4- --- (D) -4- -2- (A) -2- -2- (E) --- -0- {Alternate between these two chords with feeling} Secluded in a marker stone Not only deadlier but smarter too smarter too B/A A E/A A B/A A E/A A {The top 3 notes of these chords is sufficient} All along the chain secluded in the ruin Secluded in a marker stone Not only deadlier but smarter too smarter too A Bm Esus4 E/Esus4 I could live a million years All along all along all along the ruin Secret in secret in secret in the river Secluded in a marker stone Not only deadlier but smarter too smarter too

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tablature chronic town album rem

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