Tablature the ballad of dawson legate

Red Steagall
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Format : The ballad of dawson legate, Red steagall
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The ballad of dawson legate, Red steagall

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 8/7/97; 10:02:54 PM From: Subject: Song Submission Title: The Ballad Of Dawson LeGate Writer/Performer: Red Steagall Album: For All Our Cowboy Friends Transcribed by: Kevin Bradbeary (Intro) ----------0-2-3-5-5-5-3-2-0---------------------------- ----0-2-3-------------------3-------------------------- --2---------------------------2-2-2-0------------------ --------------------------------------4-4-2-0---------- ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- (Verse 1) [D]He hung his old saddle up [G]high in the barn He's [D]made her a promise his [G]cowboyin is [A7]done Said I've [D]won them big buckles done [G]all I can [A7]do Now I'm [G]ready to [A7]spend my last years here with [A7]you Said we'll [G]break out the [A7]flat lands aint [G]been plowed for [D]years I'll [G]plant wheat and [A7]white oats they'll [G]do well up [A7]here. And I'll [G]buy us some [A7]baldies to [G]run in the [D]hills and I'll [G]break out some [A7]bad ones to [G]help [A7]pay the [D]bills. (Verse 2) [D]He made it alright till the [G]harvest was [A7]done His [D]feet started itchin he [G]wanted to [A7]run He [D]quietly entered the [G]Calgary Stam[A7]pede And the [G]first that he [A7]took just put wings on his [D]feet And she [G]cried when he [A7]showed her the [G]money he'd [D]won She [G]knew at the [A7]first light of [G]day he'd be [A7] gone But he [G]promised he'd [A7]quit when the [G]season was [D]thru He'd be [G]home to plant [A7]wheat fore [G]win[A7]ter winds [D]blew. (Chorus) [D]Cause the [G]winters get long up [D]Alberta way Cloud's get so dark seems there's no light of [A7]day And the [D]long nights get lonely and [G]cold while she [A7]waits As she [G]dreams of her [A7]cowboy named Dawson Le[D]Gate. Vs. 3 Well summer went fast he wqas ridin em all. He placed high at Cheyenne a first at Sioux Falls. He was sendin home money his intentions were good But then life for a cowboy don't go like it should. Vs.4 He drawed him a bad one at Frisco that fall A hard one to ride was a chute fightin hoss The first jump he stumbled fell and he rolled His neck snapped like straw Dawson's body grew cold. Vs. 5 Now the bad weeds have taken the flat lands again. There's a few strands of wire where fences had been. And the baldies are bawlin in the hills where they graze While she's rockin the first son of Dawson LeGate (Repeat Chorus)

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