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Red House Painters
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Format : Priest alley song, Red house painters
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Priest alley song, Red house painters

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 21:57:35 -0800 From: Mohrland <> Subject: TAB: Priest Alley Song by: Red House Painters Song: Priest Alley Song Album: Songs for a Blue Guitar By: Red House Painters Transcribed by: Jesse Mohrland( Acoustic guitar Dropped D tuning. (Low E string is tuned down a full step to a D) (see below for tuning instructions) E--------5--------3--------2-----------------------2---------------- B----------------------------3----------------3---------3------------ G----------------------------0-------------0------------------------- D---0--------0---------0-----------0-------------------------------- A-------------------------------------2/3-------2----2-------------- D-0---0----0---0-----0-----------0-------------------------3/5-5--0- E--------5------------------------------2--------------------------- B-----------------3----------------3-------3------------------------ G------------------------------------------------------------------- D---0--------0----------0--0---------------------------------------- A-----------------------------2/3----2---2---2---------------------- D-0---0----0---0-----0------------------------3/5--5 0-------------- Interlude E-------------------------------------------------------------------- B--------3-------3------------------------3---------3---------------- G------------2---------------------0----4---------6-----6------------ D----0---------------0----0------------------------------------------ A-----------------------------------------------0-------------------- D--2---2---2---2---2----2--------4--4/5------5----------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- B--------3-------3-------------------------------------- G------------2---------------------0-------------------- D----0---------------0----0----------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------- D--2---2---2---2---2----2--------4--4/5-5--4--2--0------ Most of the rest is just variations of these. Kinda a cheesy version of this but it gets you by: Solo E--8--8--12b13--8------------------------------------------ B--8--8-----------10--10b11-6-5-3--3b4-3-3----3-3b4--3-3--- G----------------------------------0---0-0h2--0-0----0-0h2- D---------------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------------- Yet another even worse "just to complete the song" kinda thing goin on: <-X2 <-X2 E--8---7-----5--5--5---3---|---6--5----3-3-3--1----|- B--11--10----8--8--8---6---|---9--8----6-6-6--2----|- G--10--9-----7--7--7---5---|---8--7----5-5-5--3----|- D--8---7-----5--5--5---0h3-|---6--5----3-3-3--0h1--|- A--8---7-----5--5--5---0h3-|---6--5----3-3-3--0h1--|- D--8---7-----5--5--5---0h3-|---6--5----3-3-3--0h1--|- It's mostly a fingerpick along with a bass playing the low notes. Lyrics Goin past Golden Gate Elementary everyday Kids down colorful hill Recess and fire drills She likes the side without the heat Where the sun don't beat She likes the cooler side of Washington street Hummingbirds pigeons and doves Hover rooftops above Lights shine down into the tides Over hillsides See where the bridge and mountain meet At the mouth of the sea Where the sailboats live a day And turn away With the purple evening Losing our loving hold In the skies fluorescent glow She takes her thoughts and cares Into the moonlit alley stairs Still in my hand I feel the sting And the sound of bells ring And the memory of the face Never washes away With the current evening Tuning Instructions: Play an open low E(6th string) and an open D(4th)string at the same time. Lower the E string until you begin to hear the same tone. To fine tune, play the low E(now D) string at the 7th fret and tune it to the open D(4th) string. First Tab. Hope I didn't chop up a decent song too much. If you add to this or post this anywhere I would very much appreciate an e-mail. Thanks

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priest alley song

Album : Songs for a Blue Guitar

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tablature priest alley song red house painters

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