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I Could Die For You, Red Hot Chili Peppers, #2807357

Red Hot Chili Peppers
I Could Die For You

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Hey I'm back again, tabbing another one of my new favorite songs off of the RHCP most recent release, By the Way, so if you haven't pick yourself up a copy, what are you waiting for?!? Go buy yhis record NOW!!!!! Anyway like I said this is another one of my favorite songs called, I Could Die For You. It's a lot more mellow than the last tab I did, Can't Stop, by the way, if you haven't checked that out and your a self-respecting Chili Peppers fan you'll check it out, it's probably the best song on the new album, because it keeps to their funk roots more so than the rest of the album, besides Throw Away Your Television. So ready or not here goes another shot at a soon to be Chili Peppers classic. This song is played with a capo on the second fret or Capo II for those who want to get technical. You can play this without a capo, but I wouldn't recommend it. With the Capo the chord changes are much easier giving way to less hand shifting. I will give the chord shape and the chord name, so those of you without a capo can try this too, okay. The chords are as follows: G, this is an A Em, this is an F#m e- 3 0 B- 3 0 G- 0 0 D- 0 2 A- 2 2 E - 3 0 B, this is a C#/Db Am, this is a Bm e- 2 0 B- 4 1 G- 4 2 D- 4 2 A- 2 0 E- x x D, this is an E C, this is a D e- 2 0 B- 3 1 G- 2 0 D- 0 2 A- x 3 E- x x Chord Shape 1 Chord Shape 2 e- 2 0 B- 3 1 G- 2 0 D- x x A- x x E- x x The first chord shape is basically a D, without the bass note. Intro: G (low E bass note 3, 2, 0) For the low E bass note listen to the song, the number corresponds to the fret relative to the capo. Verse: Em B Something inside the cards I know is right Em B Don't want to live somebody elses life G Am This is what I wanna be and this is what I give to you because I get it free G Am She smiles while I do my time Chorus: G D Am Em Oh I could die for you *(Whatchya wanna do?) G D Am Oh this life I choose **(Makes me wanna say) The second time around and for the rest of the song, on any Am that isn't followed by an Em, pull-off and hammer-on the third fret of the e-string while playing the Am chord mind you, if you listen closely to the song he does that. *The part of the chorus that says ,Whatchya wanna do?, is not said in the very first chorus that is strictly bass and guitar. **The part of the chorus that says, makes me wanna say, is in the final chorus only! Riff after chorus: (Stay in the shape of Am) e---0-h-3-p-0-h-3-p-0--0---------- B---1---------------------1---------- G---2---------------------2---------- D---2---------------------2---------- A---0---------------------0---------- E---x---------------------x----------- G (low E bass note 3, 2, 0) Verse 2: Em B I'm here to be your only go-between Em B To tell you of the sights these eyes have seen G Am What I really wanna do is turn it into motion beauty that I can't abuse G Am You know that I use my senses to B G You can see that it's only everywhere B G I'd take it all and then I'd find a way to share Pre-Chorus: Chord Shape 1 Come along and go Chord Shape 2 Along with me CS1 Wander with me yo' CS2 It's all for free (Chorus) B(twice quick) Come again and tell me where you want to go Em(twice quick) What it means for me to be with you alone B(twice quick) Close the door and no one has to know C D How we are (Pre-Chorus) (Final Chorus and Fade-out with the song) Ends on Am Well, that's it another Chili Peppers song in the books, have fun with this. This song is ggod for those of you just learning chords, or if you're practicing to play and sing at the same time. My name is Jeff, if you have any problems with the music or how it's played contact me at, Peace, love, and music. Later..... ======================================================== I could die for you, de Red hot chili peppers ========================================================

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