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Album : Burning London: The Clash Tribute
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Best of Rancid for Bass
Best of Rancid for Bass
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Subject: HYENA -Rancid Date: Sun, 20 Aug 1995 12:54:06 -0500 (CDT) HYENA - by Rancid from the self-titled album tabbed by Adam Peiken <> (This song is easiest divided into 11 separate parts) 1. During Bass Intro, Guitar plays distortion in the key of G. At the end of the intro, right before "Here we go!" Slide a C to a D. 2. In the part of the song following that (but before the lyrics begin) the guitar plays: G D# G D# G D# C D X2 3. VERSE G I'm money broke B-C-B-C It's no joke G Can't cope B-C-B-C Use the rope this time G Knuckle up, buckle up B-C-B-C The ride's getting rough G B-C-B-C But I will not lose my mind G B-C-B-C I asked them if I could come in G B-C-B-C And the first thing they said was no G B-C-B-C If I can't come in, that means I can't come back G F That means I got nowhere to go 4. CHORUS F C Bb F I'm a hyena fighting for the lion share F C Bb F X2 Sometimes the lion share ain't there G D# G D# G D# C D X2 5. VERSE 2 (Same chords as the first) Absent from political authority An animal I've become Total disorder and confusion is the lifestyle that I run Permit me to do what I want and I will I'm a nomad to travel Concrete glass stone and gravel 6. CHORUS 7. VERSE 3 (A little different. Also heavy mike distortion. *Besides the "D# Bb" chords are basically impossible to pick out. The bass carries the melody. However it does sound sort of like a G being raked.) G* Every time I turn around it's the same sad story G* Getting ganked I wish it would end G* And life's comisary G* D# Bb I'm a bad missionary with a wicked message I send G* (????) not the way I want to live. G* Who could I trust in a world of green? G* When I'm taught to take and not give. 8. BRIDGE D# Who could I trust? Bb When I'm taught to take and not give. 9. SOLO (Don't have time to tab this out, but these are the chords played under the solo.) F C Bb F X 4 Guitar solo played out of a blues scale in the key of F 10. Repeat first verse (#3) 11. CHORUS v.2 Play through the chords (F C Bb F) two times alone with the bass before kicking in the chorus lyrics. During the second time through: Spoken: You see there's nothing you can say that's going to change my mind. Fuck you! F C Bb F I'm a hyena fighting for the lion share F C Bb F Sometimes the lion share ain't there -------------------------------------------------------- F C Bb G# F Sometimes the lion share ain't there Write me with comments, corrections, requests, etc. I'd like to hear from you. COMING SOON: More Rancid, Green Day, Operation Ivy, etc... Adam Peiken <> ======================================================== Hyena, de Rancid ========================================================

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