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Rage Against The Machine
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Format : Mic check, Rage against the machine
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Mic check, Rage against the machine

artist: Rage Against The Machinee SongTitle: Mic Check Tabs: Song: Mic Check Band: Rage Against The Machine Album: The Battle Of Los Angeles By: Adam Urbanczyk E-Mail: pickboy87@cs.com Tuning: Dropped D To play it like it sounds on the record, you'll need: 1. Boss digital delay pedal 2. Metal slide 3. A whammy bar Intro|Verses: E|-----------14-(14)-(14)--|-----------16-(16)-(16)--| B|--------14---------------|--------14---------------| G|*----14------------------|-----14------------------| D|*-16---------------------|--16---------------------| A|-------------------------|-------------------------| D|-------------------------|-------------------------| use delay / use delay / E|-----------14-(14)-(14)--|-------------------------| B|--------14---------------|--------14--18-(18)-(18)-| G|-----14------------------|-----14-----------------*| D|--16---------------------|--16--------------------*| A|-------------------------|-------------------------| D|-------------------------|-------------------------| use delay / use delay / Bass Verses|Bass Chorus: (Synthesized) E|-------------------------|-------------------------| B|-------------------------|-------------------------| G|*------------------------|------------------------*| D|*-4---2---------4--------|--4---2---------4-------*| A|--4---2---------4--------|--4---2---------4--------| D|--4---2---------4--------|--4---2---------4--------| Interlude: (Played right after the 2nd chorus) E|----0-----0-----0-----0--|----0-----0-----0-----0--|G B|----5-----4-----4-----4--|----5-----4-----4-----4--|T G|*---0-----0-----0-----0--|----0-----0-----0-----0--|R D|*------------------------|-------------------------| A|-------------------------|-------------------------|1 D|-------------------------|-------------------------| | Hand | | Slide / | E|-------/-----------------------------------------|G B|-----/-------------------------------------------|T G|*-------------------------------------------------|R D|*-------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------|2 D|--(15)-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x---| \______Palm_Mute__________________________________/ Solos: (These are the actual methods used by Tom Morello) 1. To create the "laughing guitar" sound, start with the bridge pickup on. Hit a metal slide across the strings and use toggle switching. 2. To create the "insane guitar" sound, the slide is thrown away. Wah is turned on. Scrape your hand across the stings while toggling away with the other. Occasionally, some low E dive bombs are thrown in to make a "moo" sound. Lyrics: To the young R to the E the B, to the E the L, Never give up, just live up, Fed upon America, always spittin it up, rippin it up, (For) An even amount in each cup, To my brothers burning bare feet on blacktop, Who's curled 'neath the shadows from the gaze of the cops, Who's hunting for 9 to 5's, Through factory locks, He's now hunted on his modern day auction block. Mic check (Ha ta ha) I'll be the anti-myth rhythm rock shocker. Flexin' and mashin' with complex text, Fast and in a fashion that snap back necks, Quicker than a fed cash the company checks, Come, I'll fire only Marley could catch, Yes, I'll be the flame in the cellar, beware, Those nameless cold and millions gaspin' for air, Those naked and wageless, scream on their cages, They make you pull your shit, Just to get your share, what. Mic check (Ha ta ha) I'll be the anti-myth rhythm rock shocker. Welcome jam with the warrior sound, ah! (I think that's what Zack says) With this mic device, I spit non-fiction, Who got the power this be my question, The mass of the few in this torn nation, The priest, the book, or the congregation, Politricks, who rob and hold down your zone, Or those who give the thieves the keys to their homes, The pig whose feet will murder one, shucklack, Or survivors who make a move and murder one back! Mic check (Ha ta ha) I'll be the anti-myth rhythm rock shocker.

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tablature Mic check rage against the machine

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