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Bulls On Parade, Rage Against The Machine, #1248

Rage Against The Machine
Bulls On Parade

#1248 - Bulls On Parade Guitare
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BULLS ON PARADE RAGE AGIANST THE MACHINE from:EVIL EMPIRE whats up ya'll? here it is, after four long fuckin years, the new album. ive been listening to zacks shit ever since inside out so its about time he brought the new shit. as you know this is the first single off the album EVIL EMPIRE. it was released sometime in march and whooped my ass the first time i heard it. i could never get a tape in the stereo in time to record it off the radio, so i had to figure it out by memory, until i saw zack hoppin around on the stage of saturday night live(april 13). i watched tommy play it so i know that this is the good shit. i read somewhere that tommy tunes his guitar a half step down but i think it sounds just fine normal tuning. i didn't put down how many times each riff is played for two reasons. 1. i'm lazy, and 2. it's not hard to hear the changes for yourself. here it is. INTRO (dist. whammy pedal) =20 ||-----------------------------------------------------| ||-----------------------------------------------------| ||-----------------------------------------------------| ||---4---------4----4---------4----4---------4---------| ||-----------------------------------------------------| ||--------2--------------2--------------2---------2----| (wah-wah) F#5 ||---------------------------------------------------------------------- ||---------------------------------------------------------------------- ||---------------------------------------------------------------------- ||---------------------------------------------------------------------- ||----4----4----x--x----4----4----x--x--x--x--x--x----4----4----x--x---- ||----2----2----x--x----2----2----x--x--x--x--x--x----2----2----x--x---- ----------------------------------| ----------------------------------| ----------------------------------| ----------------------------------| ----4----4----x--x--x--x--x--x----| ----2----2----x--x--x--x--x--x----| ||-------------------------------------------------|------------------------= -| ||-------------------------------------------------|------------------------= -| ||-------------------------------------------------|------------------------= -| ||-------------------------------------------------|------------------------= -| ||-----------------0------------2---0--------------|------------------------= -| ||----0----2-----------------------------0----2----|----2----0-------0----1-= -| ||-----------------------------------------------------------------| ||-----------------------------------------------------------------| =20 ||--------(2)--(2)-------------------------------------------------| ||----4----4----4-------------4--------4---4---4----------4--------| ||------------------------x----------------------------------------| ||----3----2----2---------x---2--------0---2---2----------2--------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |--------(2)--(2)---------------------------------------------------| |----4----4----4--------------4--------4---4---4----------4---------| |-------------------------x-----------------------------------------| |----3----2----2----------x---2--------0---2---2----------2---------| =20 B5 ||---------------------------------------------------------------------- ||---------------------------------------------------------------------- ||---------------------------------------------------------------------- ||----4----4----x--x----4----4----x--x--x--x--x--x----4----4----x--x---- ||----2----2----x--x----2----2----x--x--x--x--x--x----2----2----x--x---- ||---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------| --------------------------------------| --------------------------------------| ----4----4----x--x--x--x--x--x--------|=20 ----2----2----x--x--x--x--x--x--------| --------------------------------------| SoLo (slide fingers up&down strings 5-6) either toggle switch or just move your hand to the beat oUtRo back to F#5 and then same as intro LyRiCs: come wit it now! the microphone explodes shattering the molds either drop the hits like de la loor get the fuck off the camode wit the sure shot sure to make the bodies drop drop an copy yo dont call this a co op terror rains drenchin quenchin the thirst of the power dons that five sided fistagon tha rotten sore on the face of mother earth gets bigger the triggers cold empty ya purse-rally round the family with a pocketfull of shells-weapons not food not homes not shoes not need just feed the war cannibal animal walk the corner to the rubble that used to be a library line up to the mind cemetary now what we dont know keeps the contracts alive and movin they dont gotta burn the books they just remove em while arms warehouses fill as quick as the cells rally round the family pocketfull of shells-they rally round the family pocketfull of shells-BULLS ON PARADE!come wit it now ======================================================== Bulls on parade, de Rage against the machine ========================================================

F#5 chord

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