Tablature how can you be sure

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Format : How can you be sure, Radiohead
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How can you be sure, Radiohead

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 11:46:16 -0600 From: Chris Brown <> Subject: CRD: r/radiohead/how_can_you_be_sure.crd How can you be sure? by Radiohead >From the "High & Dry" CD single... played at a deliberate, medium tempo. The bass actually echoes most of the melody in the song, so it can sound a little wack on an acoustic guitar. Try walking the E up to the A on the "good things and bad" parts to fill things out a little bit. Verse: E B E A2->A Seen all good things and bad E B E A2 running down the hill E B E A All so battered and brought to the E B E A2 ground E B E A2->A I am hungry again E B E A2 I am drunk again E B E A With all the money I owe to my E B E friends Pre-chorus: A G#m F#m E5 When I'm like this B A G#m F#m How can you be smiling, saying Chorus (inhale deeply!): E B E A Ho-o-w can you be sure? E B E A Ho-o-w can you be sure? Verse: If you walk out that door, will I see you again if so much of me lies in your eyes? I am hungry again, I am drunk again With all the money I owe to my friends Pre-Chorus Chorus x2 Chorus (instrumental) Chorus w/ "I don^Òt want you anymore" vocals overdubbed end Notes on the chords: I'm not sure what to call the B that I hear in the song, but I think it might be a B5. It's fingered thusly; essentially just a power chord. e--X--- B--0--- G--4--- D--4--- A--2--- E--X--- Also, the A2->A is accomplished through a hammer-on, like so: e--0---2-2 B--0---0h2 G--2---2-2 D--2---2-2 A--0---0-0 E--0---0-0 I think the G#m employed in the chorus is played with some open strings: e--0 B--0 G--4 D--6 A--6 E--x And finally, the E5 in the chorus is played like an open D, but barred up 2 frets (kinda like how you might play an Eb) e--x B--5 G--4 D--2 A--2 E--0 --

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Radiohead : Hail To The Thief (partition)

Radiohead : Hail To The Thief (Partition)
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tablature how can you be sure radiohead

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