Tablature falling in and out of love

Pure Prairie League
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Format : Falling in and out of love., Pure prairie league
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Difficulté : 5/10

Falling in and out of love., Pure prairie league

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: mzraly@cs.umb.edu (Michael S. Zraly) Fallin In and Out of Love by: Pure Prairee League Most of the 1st part of 'Fallin..' is just finger-picking these two chords: It's the same fingering, just moving up 2 frets. F* G* |------------------- |-----6------8------ |-----5------7------ |-----7------9------ |------------------- |------------------- It's the finger-picking that's tricky, but not too hard once you do it several times. Here's the tab: TAB: F* G* E|------------------0-----------0--|------------------0-----------0--|| B|:---------6-----------6----------|----------8-----------8---------:|| G|--------------5-----------5------|--------------7-----------7------|| D|------7--------------------------|------9--------------------------|| A|:-0------------------------------|--0-----------------------------:|| E|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|| 0 1- 2 1+ 3 2 1+ 3 0 1- 2 1+ 3 2 1+ 3 (Fingering) Probably the easiest way to master this is to first, get the chords down with the left hand. Then, don't even look at the tab. Just look at the fingering line under the TAB, with your right-hand fingers on the following strings: 0 = Thumb, A-string 1- = 1st-finger, D-string 1+ = 1st-finger, G-string 2 = 2nd-finger, B-string 3 = 3rd-finger, E-string These 2 chords repeat twice, then repeat 4 more times with the words, then it ends on this chord, strumming slowly with the right-thumb: A* |-------------------0--- |---------------5------- |-----------6----------- |-------7--------------- |---0------------------- |----------------------- WORDS: (not completely accurate.) F* G* More than what I feel... F* G* Touchin' what is real... F* G* All our thoughts are reelin' round... F* G* Carolina's feelin' down... A* To-day. - (From here, it goes to the 'Amy' intro and song.) - The last chorus of 'Amy' leads into the 2nd part of 'Fallin..' as follows: A G D Amy, What you wanna do? A G D I think I could stay with you, for a Bm E while, maybe longer if I do... I keep (shift into melodious finger-picking, with occasional suspended-2nd's on the A & D chords...) A G D Fallin in and out of love with you A G D Fallin in and out of love with you A G D Don't know what I'm gonna do I keep A D F* G* A*** Fallin in and out of love with you . . . (One last easy chord:) A*** |-------------------------------0-- |---------------0-------0------0--- |-----------6-------6---------6---- |-------7--------------------7----- |---0-----------------------0------ |---------------------------------- 0 1 2 3 2 3 0---- (Fingering) -- Joe Palumbos jmp@moscom.com {rit,tropix,ur-valhalla}!moscom!jmp

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    tablature falling in and out of love. pure prairie league

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