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Format : Interactive pour Basse, Prince
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Difficulté : 5/10

Interactive pour Basse, Prince

From: (Max mad) Subject: BTAB : Prince - Interactive Date: 28 Mar 1995 08:56:44 GMT transcribed by Mark Miller<<>> *********************************Interactive************************************ by O(+> from the CD-ROM Interactive I. Performance Notes On this track from the O(+>Interactive CD-ROM, O(+> or Sonny T is playing a five string bass. However, I have no such instrument, and therefore have simulated a five string bass by tuning the low E string of my four string bass to D. A live version of this track from the KTS bootleg "Welcome 2 The Beautiful Experience," features very similar playing. The only difference is a slightly more aggressive tone, achieved by using the slap and pop technique, on the chorus section of the song. At the start of the song, Rhythm Figure 1 is played by the guitar two times before the bass enters. The bass enters at 00:23, playing Rhythm Figure 1. The guitar solo section is carried by the bass. This progression looks like this: 1. INTRO section 2. VERSE section (w/o the last measure) 3. VERSE section (w/o the last measure) The Outro, instead of being another rhythm figure, is simply two notes that signal the end of the song. II. Tablature 00:00 (Hello, welcome to the dawn, playground for the.....) 00:12 1. INTRO 00:23 ("pickup") (notes") [ Rhythm Figure 1 ] GI---------I---------------I---------I----------I---------I DI-----3---I---------------I-----3---I----------I-----3---I AI-3-5---5-I-3-2-0-----5-3-I-3-5---5-I-3-2-0----I-3-5---5-I DI---------I-------3-0-----I---------I-------5--I---------I 2. VERSE 1 GI---------------I---------I---Rhy.---I----------I---------I DI---------------I-----3---I--Fig.-1--I----------I-----3---I AI-3-2-0-----5-3-I-3-5---5-I-2-times--I-3-2-0----I-3-5---5-I DI-------3-0-----I---------I---here---I-------5--I---------I I picked up my paper 2 day I'll give u one guess what they say Now we got 2 learn how 2 play, interactive 3. VERSE 2 (Same As Verse 1) Another cross in need of a road Another loop in need of a hole Another body in need of a soul, interactive Ain't that a bitch 4. CHORUS [ Rhythm Figure 2 ] GI----------I----------I---------------I--Rhy.---I---------I---------I DI-----3----I-----5----I-------------3-I-Fig.-2--I-----3---I-----5---I AI----------I----------I--5-3-2----3---I--Times--I---------I---------I DI--3----3--I--5----5--I---------3-----I--here---I--3----3-I--5----5-I GI---------I DI---------I AI---------I DI--5------I Tell me what 2 do and I'll do it I don't care just as long as we get 2 it Up and down around and all through it Baby, baby, baby, lets do it...interactive (That was just an example of the.....) 5. PRE-SOLO GI---------I---------------I---------I---Rhy.---I----------I DI-----3---I---------------I-----3---I--Fig.-1--I----------I AI-3-5---5-I-3-2-0-----5-3-I-3-5---5-I--2-times-I-3-2-0----I DI---------I-------3-0-----I---------I---here---I-------5--I Interactive I work twice as hard 2 follow u no matter how far Til you want 2 play with no more than the strings on this guitar Ain't that a bitch 6. GUITAR SOLO (intro section-one time, omit the last measure of verse section and play that two times) (spoken) Interactive Oh Oh o One More, one more 7. OUTRO GI---------I---------I DI---------I---------I AI----3----I----5----I DI---------I---------I (If you would like to.....)

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tablature interactive prince

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