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Format : Spagetti western pour Basse, Primus
Version #2800482 mise en tablature par Inconnu
Difficulté : 5/10

Spagetti western pour Basse, Primus

From: (RICHARD W STROM) Subject: Re: BTAB: Spagetti Western by PRIMUS Date: 28 Jul 1995 19:55:01 GMT Well, I hunted around for the tab for this song with no luck. SO, I sorta figured it out on my own. (I HATE it when that happens!) It may be a little off, it sounds ok, but I know I left some notes out. If anyone tries to play this and discovers said missing tones, e-mail me and I will update. I also plan on working on Hamburger Train, as this one is seemingly non-existant also. I welcome collaborations. e-mail me at with any modifications, whatever... BY THE WAY: my bass is probobly out of tune, and this tab is according to my tuning. It is really easy this way, so you might want to think about tuning my way (just tune the low string to the first note). Spagetti Western: P - pop p - pull off S - slap Starts off with a lot of messing around, and an occasional low note thru distortion. all low notes are slapped. |----------------7P-7P-5p-0p-----7P------------5-5--55-----| |----------------------------------------------5-5--55-----| |----------------------------------------------------------| |---0-0--00-0-0----------------0---------00----------------i And sometimes... |----------------------------------------------5-5--55-----| |----------------7P-7P-5p-0p-----7P------------5-5--55-----| |----------------------------------------------------------| |---0-0--00-0-0----------------0---------00----------------| And often a mix of the two. Then the funky breakdown ("solo", or whatever...) |-----------------------------------------------------| |--5-5-5-5-5-6-5-5-5-5-3-5-5-etc.....-----------------| |-----------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------| He later plays roughly the same notes one octave higher (fret 12, 1st string) Enjoy.. Rick W. Strom

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tablature spagetti western primus

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