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Format : Primus all pour Basse, Primus
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Primus all pour Basse, Primus

-------------THE CHEESY-COMPLETE BASS TABLATURE REFERENCE------------------- ---------------------------VERSION 2.0-------------------------------------- ------------------Compiled by CHRISTOPHER PRESTON--------------------------- --------------------------PRIMUS8@AOL.COM----------------------------------- ---------------Music by PRIMUS, Lyrics by Les Claypool---------------------- PRIMUS: SAUSAGE: Les Claypool- bass, vocals Les Claypool- bass, vocals Larry LaLonde- guitar Jay Lane- guitar Tim "Herb" Alexander- drums Todd Huth- drums IMPORTANT: IF YOU FEEL THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAS BEEN GIVEN CREDIT FOR A SONG YOU TABBED, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO TELL ME!!! I CHANGE THE BEGINNING OF EACH TAB LINE TO |--etc. OCCASIONALLY I FIND A TAB ON THE NET WITH NO NAME. IF IT IS YOURS, TELL ME. I've compiled a bunch of different people's ideas, added to them, added some of my own, and voila! Here it is. I have tried to include who tabbed each song, but if you know yours or someone else's name was left out, please E-Mail me and let me know. I am very sorry for anyone who hasn't gotten credit for their tab. , I'm trying to figure out the interlude to "Harold..." so I can post the complete song, not just the basic chords. Please send any additions to this list to PRIMUS8@AOL.COM. The list can include anyting by Primus or Sausage in bass tab (Please no Guitar- Somebody start one just for guitar, please) and off bootlegs (e.g. Master Of Puppets, Skinny) I'm also working on the EXACT notes for "Tippi Toes". Please send comments! --------------------An Introduction to Claypooldom-------------------------- Because of the growing number of Les's basses, I'm adapting this system: ****************************Les's Basses************************************* 1. Carl Thompson fretted 4 string. Includes a black Kahler tremolo with a whammy bar. 2. Carl Thompson fretless 6 string. Nicknamed the "Rainbow bass", It has a 36 inch scale. The body contains strips of walnut, curly maple, padauk, purple heart, ebony and cocobolo. The strings are threaded through the back of this rear extension - near where the strap pin is. They're stretched over a one-piece, hand-made wooden bridge and anchored by Schaller tuning machines. The basic part of the neck is made of quartersawn hardrock maple. The center of the fingerboard is Indian ebony, with 1/8-inch-wide strips of padauk, cocobolo and ebony on either side. The serial number, which is the day the bass was finished, and also Carl Thompson's bithday, is 2-5-90. Les got this just in time to record "Sailing the Seas Of Cheese". It has a single active EMG mode 45P 3. Carl Thompson 4 string fretted maple. It's the same as his other Carl Thompson 4 string, except without the tremolo, and maple. He uses it as a backup for the above 4- string. 4. Zeta electric stand-up, which he bought in a pawn shop. 5. Kay acousic upright, which he bought for $300 in a pawn shop. 6. Eko beatle bass, which he bought from some store which acquired all of Eko's stock. 7. Tune 6 string fretless, which he used before he got his Carl Thompson. It can be seen in "Bill and Ted's bogus Journey", and at the '91 Roskilde Festival. 8. Carl Thompson fretted 6 string, which Les bought toward the end of Pork Soda. Carl Thompson claims it's the first 6 string bass ever made in the world. He had it sitting around his house, and Les asked him to put a real light gauge of strings on it. Carl Thompson didn't like it because the neck was so thin. The "G" and "C" strings are unwound like a guitar's. The body's maple. 9. Dan Maloney 3 string fretted bass banjo. The only one in the world, It was made by Les's high school friend. 10. Dan Maloney electric stand-up. I have never seen this one, but on MTV's SUPEROCK, Les says that he was the guy who made it. 11. ??? Rickenbocker (White) which was given to Les by Geddy Lee, when they were sitting in Geddy's house drunk. 12. ??? Fender Jazz bass??? For amplifiers, Les has a ADA MB-1 preamp, and an ADA MP-2 guitar pre-amp modified by ADA's Todd Langer with a MIDI Ground Control footpedal made by Digital Music. That has a bunch of effects which he uses, such as distortion and chorus. His head is a Mesa/Boogie 400 plus head which feeds into two Mesa/Boogie 2X15 cabinets. For his studio gear, (Pork Soda) he used an ADA MB-1 pre-amp, a Meyers EQ, an Alesis Micro Limiter, an ADA Stereo Tapped Delay, and a Systech Harmonic Energizer. For "Tales From the Punchbowl", Les recorded right from ADA MP-2 pre amp into the soundboard. Les uses three fingers for plucking (index, middle, ring). He slaps most of the songs, and strums the chords. He does this by striking the two or three notes with his ring and index finger in a casual up or down stroke. ------------------------Subscription Information----------------------------- Well, there just isn't that many Primus/Sausage songs to tab! If you can tab one, PLEASE send it to PRIMUS8@AOL.COM---otherwise, just send your name, and some usefull Primus info (A typed magazine article, interview, etc.) If you're interested in trading bootlegs, please mail me your list! ------------------------------Fan Club--------------------------------------- I am not a member of the fan club, but I just thought I'd give the address. Someone please tell me if it's good! Club Bastardo 3470 19th st. San Francisco, CA 944110 Be sure to send a S.A.S.E. ---------------------------Internet Sites----------------------------------- Here's some Primus sites&shit I have encountered in my travels: The Primus Cheesy Homepage (Highly Recomended): Those Damn Blue Collared Tweekers: (Newsgroup) (Newsgroup) A big thank you to the Primus FAQ and all of its contributers! Extra special thanks to: Jeffrey Swing, Dave Walker, __________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------- "American Life" from "Sailing the Seas of Cheese" __________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by Jeffrey Swing ( After seeing Les play this song on a video that somebody copied for me (thanks again for the video, Dave) I noticed that Les strums and does hammer ons for this riff. I have rewritten it below. The important thing to rememeber when playing this is to keep your strumming constant and hammer on all of the notes with your left hand. The slap on the lowest note is done on the downstroke strum, and isn't hard to work in to your strumming technique. Make sure that you let the G-string drone on while you hammer on the D-string notes. V = downstroke strum ^ = upstroke strum h = hammer S = slap (V) ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ G-|-------0-(0)(0)--0-(0)(0)--0-(0)(0)---0-----0-----0-----0--|-- D-|*------0--3h-5h--0--3h-5h--0--3h-5h------5h-5-----5-----5-*|- A-|*---------------------------------------------------------*|- E-|---3S------------------------------------------------------|- The fills are done with the same strumming (downstroke on the downbeat, upstroke on the upbeat), except that the left hand remains still, fretting a power chord first on Eb, then later on F. G-|--8--|- G-|--10--|- D-|--8--|- D-|--10--|- A-|--6--|- A-|--8---|- E-|-----|- E-|------|- __________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------- "Bob" from "Pork Soda" __________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by Christopher Preston This is played on a 6 string frettless, but I've figured it out on a 4 string fretless. It can be done on a fretted, but it doesn't sound as good. Drop the "E" to "D", and finger each note, until the intro/verseriff, which is slapped. The chorus is fingernail strummed, with the low note slapped. Intro: I--------11----12------------I-------11----12-12-12-12-11----------------I I*-0--12----13----13--9-sl-*I-0--12----12----------------12--12-11h-12h-I I*--------------------------*I-------------------------------------------I I----------------------------I-------------------------------------------I Intro/Verse: 28 times I-----------------I----------7---I---------5---I I-7-6-7-6---------I*---------7---I---------5--*I I---------7-6-7-7-I*-------------I------------*I I-----------------I---0/6--x-----I-6

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