Tablature lost and found

Peter Hammill
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Format : Lost and found, Peter hammill
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Lost and found, Peter hammill

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## LOST AND FOUND Em | D | C6 | Em Em Even the wolf can learn, D even the sheep can turn, C6 Em even the frog bcome at last the prince Em No more imagined insults D and no more bloated pride - C6 I'll see you at the wedding, Bm A G I'll see you on the o- ther side Em and I'll hold my peace forever D but I'll hold my passion more... Bm A G I'll be hol- ding the door Em and waiting for the princess - D I could say I'm waiting for the world, C6 but when it comes right down to it Bm A G I'm simply wai-ting for the girl. Em On through the ring of changes D I'll be at my side in a single bound, Bm A G lost and found G A Bm A G looking to be lost and found. G A Bm A G looking to be lost and found. G A Bm A G I'll to be lost and found. G A Bm A G I'll to be lost and found. G A A E B D A La Rossa extends her hands - in the morning light the stigmata don't show E B D A She's up already, making plans; she thinks it's maybe time he ought to go E B D A And she's friendly like it's a service but she's ringing around his head - E B though he knows she has no further use for him D A still he feels like he's raised from the dead. E B D A Out to the cold grey daylight, never ever wondering, of course, E B if one moment of perfect passion D A is worth a lifetime of remorse. The guitar "solo" (would you consider a two-notes line as solo?) is played through the same chords sequence, here it is, with durations in beats: A (6 beats) E (2 beats) | B (6 beats) D (2 beats) Em So it's no more empty promises D and no more idle threats; C6 Bm A G no more 'if only's' and no more 'and yet's'; Em no more wishes for the future D no more denials of the past; Bm A G I'm free at last (A) Bm A G I'm in love at last (A) Bm A G I'm lost and found The chord sequence continues as the voices faid: Bm (4 beats) A (4 beats) | G (7 beats) A (1 beat) ...put on your red dress, baby... ...cos we're going out, tonight... ...put on your high heeled slippers... ...everything's gonna be alright?

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tablature lost and found peter hammill

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