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Pearl Jam
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Format : Tremor christ, Pearl jam
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Tremor christ, Pearl jam

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Joe <> TREMOR CHRIST - Pearl Jam Here is my best attemot at this new PJ tune. Intro and Verse: A# - A Chorus: A - A# - A - A# Solo: e:---------------------------------------------- } B:------4------4--------------2------2---------- } Play 4 times, but G:--4-5----4-5----4-5-----2-3----2-3----2-3----- } cut the fourth D:---------------------------------------------- } repetition a A:---------------------------------------------- } little short E:---------------------------------------------- } Outro: A - G# Lyrics: Winded is the sailor...drifting by the storm... Wounded is the open knee left, oh...bloodied on the shore... Claudius was your savior, Ceaser...drowning in his wake... I barely taste the salt of her tears born...I just blamed fate... Little secrets, tremors...turn to quake... The smallest oceans still get...big, big waves... Ransom paid the Devil...He wispers faith and words... Triumphant are the angels if they can get there first... Little secrets tremors...turn to quake... The smallest oceans still get...big, big waves... I'll decide...take my time... Take my time...not my life... Wait for signs...believe in lies... To get by...this is mine... Oh, you know what it's like... Turns the bow back towards him...drops the line... Put his faith and love in Tremor Christ... From: A few notes about this song. This tab seems to be almost 100% correct, although it was done in a rather hurry. The few feedback notes that Mike McCready/Stone Gossard use in this song have not been tabbed out, as well as some of the wah stuff at the end (mostly chords with wah effects.) Any quesitons/comments/suggestions can be sent to Thanks! "Tremor Chirst" by Pearl Jam transcribed by: Steve Mueller Intro --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --12--12--12--12--12--12--12--12--11--11--11--11--11--11--11--11----------- --11--11--11--11--11--11--11--11--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10----------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue with this pattern Riff A ----------- -12h13--12- this little riff is thrown in the intro under the intro chords ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- Verse Notes - real easy, just a hammer-on pattern which varies with bends and stop-notes at different times (note: this is DEFINITELY not in time, so listen to the album and figure out their position on your own Song: Little secrets, tremor...... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --9h11~~~~--10-------9h11~~~~~~------9h11~~~~--10---------9h11~~~~~~~------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- bend and shake the note one full step up -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- --9h11~~~~~~-------9h11~~~^(12)------- and on... (you get the idea) ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Arpeggio -------------------------------------------------- -------8-------8-----8-------7------7----7-------- -----8-------8-------------7------7--------------- ---7-------7------7------6------6-----6----------- and on... -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- At about 2:00, the guitars go back to the original intro chords, except this time they leave out one of the notes to get something like this: slightly palm mute... -------------- -------------- -------------- --11---------- x 8 times -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --10---------- x 8 times -------------- -------------- Just finish the song out as needed with the above. One note about the 'solo': the solo is identical to the played arpeggio as noted above, but you will want to slide up to the first note of the arpeggio and bend the last note played.

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tablature tremor christ pearl jam

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