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Pearl Jam
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Format : Red mosquito, Pearl jam
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Red mosquito, Pearl jam

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Red Mosquito Transcribed by Paul Stipack ( Modified by Joel Farthing ( A couple of people have said they've seen PJ play this live and it's in standard tuning. I've also been told that the opening riff is played at the 5th fret so I've tried to figure it out there, I hope it sounds OK. Anyone want to have a go at the solos? INTRO: E-|-------------------|- B-|-------------------|- G-|-7---------------7-|- D-|-7-7-----7-7-----7-|- A-|-5-0h5p0-8-0h5p0-5-|- E-|-------------------|- VERSE: D F(let ring) D C(let ring) E|-2--1--------------------------------2--0----------| B|-3--1--------------------------------3--1----------| G|-2--2--------------------------------2--0----------| D|-0--3--------------------------------0--2----------| A|----------------------------------------3----------| E|---------------------------------------------------| the window,little red mosquito...I was not allowed to (etc.) D F(let ring) D C F C E|-2--1--------------------------------2--0--1--0------| B|-3--1--------------------------------3--1--1--1------| G|-2--2--------------------------------2--0--2--0------| D|-0--3--------------------------------0--2--3--2------| A|----------------------------------------3-----3------| E|-----------------------------------------------------| I saw the sun go down, and now..(etc)..somewhere in PRE CHORUS: E-|-------------------|- B-|-------------------|- G-|-7---------------7-|- D-|-7-7-----7-7-----7-|- A-|-5-0h5p0-8-0h5p0-5-|- E-|-------------------|- CHORUS: F C E-|------------------|-------------|- B-|---------10-------|-------5-----|- G-|------10----10----|-----5---5---|- D-|---10----------10-|---5-------5-|- A-|-8----------------|-3-----------|- E-|------------------|-------------|- D# A# C E-|-------------|-------------|------|- B-|-------8-----|-------3-----|------|- G-|-----8---8---|-----3---3---|-5--5-|- D-|---8-------8-|---3-------3-|-5--5-|- A-|-6-----------|-1-----------|-3--3-|- E-|-------------|-------------|------|- LITTLE C RIFF AT END OF CHORUS: E-|-----------|--------------------|- B-|-----------|--------------------|- G-|-10--9-----|-(second--10--9--12-|- D-|--------10-|--chorus)-----------|- A-|-----------|--------------------|- E-|-----------|--------------------|- The rest of the song is basically just repeats of the above progressions, so just play along with the CD to get the right pattern and structure. RED MOSQUITO ============ Pearl Jam - No Code Track 8 This represents our interpretation of the original artist's work, to be used for personal or educational use only. Transcibed by Matt Forth. If you add to this or fix any mistakes, please send us a copy. (Please email if you are a drummer / bass guitarist near Brisbane interested in jammin'!!!!) INTRO E|----------------| B|----------------| G|7-------7---5---| D|7---7---7---5---| A|5---7---5---3---| E|----5-----------| . . . . VERSE E|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------| G|7---------------|7---9-----------| D|7---7-----------|7---9-----------| A|5---7-----------|5---7-----------| E|----5-----------|----------------| . . . . . . . . E|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------| G|7---------------|7---9--10---9---| D|7---7-----------|7---9--10---9---| A|5---7-----------|5---7---8---7---| E|----5-----------|----------------| . . . . . . . . CHORUS E|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------| G|10------8-------|----------------| D|10--10--8---8---|10--------------| A|8---10--6---8---|10--------------| E|----8-------6---|8---------------| . . . . . . . . E|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|10------8-------|----------------|----------------| D|10--10--8---8---|10--------------|10--------------| A|8---10--6---8---|10--------------|10--------------| E|----8-------6---|8---------------|8---------------| . . . . . . . . . . . . Intro riff x 8 Verse 1: Watched out the window with a red mosquito I was not allowed to leave the room I saw the sun go down and now it's coming up Somewhere in the time between Chorus: I was bitten must have been the devil He was just paying me A little visit Reminded me of his presense Letting me know He's waiting Intro riff x4 Verse 2: Red man's your neighbor call it behavior While you're climbing up slippery hills Two steps ahead of him punctures in your neck hovering just above your bed hovering just above your bed Chorus Intro riff x 8 Chorus riff (first bar only) x 8 out

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tablature red mosquito pearl jam

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