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Tom Paxton
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Format : Themarveloustoy, Tom paxton
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Themarveloustoy, Tom paxton

#From: (Gocek) {title:The Marvelous Toy} {st:Tom Paxton} When [D]I was just a [A7]wee little lad, [D]full of health and [A7]joy, My [G]father homeward [D]came one night and [E]gave to me a [A7]toy. A [D]wonder to be[A7]hold it was, with [D]many colors [G]bright, And the moment I lay [D]eyes on it, it be[E]came my [A7]heart's delight. {start_of_chorus} It went [D]zip when it moved and [A7]pop when it stopped, And [D]whirrrrrr when it stood [G]still. I never knew just [D]what it was and I [A7]guess I never [D]will. {end_of_chorus} The [D]first time that I [A7]picked it up, I [D]had a big [A7]surprise, 'Cause [G]right on the bottom were [D]two big buttons that [E]looked like big green [A7]eyes. I [D]first pushed one and [A7]then the other, [D]then I twisted its [G]lid, And when I set it [D]down again, [E]here is what it [A7]did. {c: chorus} It [D]first marched left and [A7]then marched straight, [D]then marched under a [A7]chair, And [G]when I looked where [D]it had gone it [E]wasn't even [A7]there. I [D]started to cry but my [A7]daddy laughted 'cause he [D]knew that I would [G]find, When I turned around my [D]marvelous toy would be [E]chugging on be[A7]hind. {c: chorus} The [D]years have gone by too [A7]quickly it seems, now [D]I have my own little [A7]boy, And [G]yesterday I [D]gave to him my [E]marvelous little [A7]toy. His [D]eyes nearly popped right [A7]out of his head and he [D]gave a squeal of [G]glee, Neither one of us knows just [D]what it is but he [E]loves it just like [A7]me. {c: chorus}

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tablature themarveloustoy tom paxton

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