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Paul Weller
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Format : Porcelain gods, Paul weller
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Porcelain gods, Paul weller

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: Kevin Mulhern <mulhern@zetnet.co.uk> Subject: Porcelain Gods by Paul Weller Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 18:35:20 GMT From: Andrew Mulhern <mulhern@zetnet.co.uk> Subject: Porcelain Gods By Paul Weller Porcelain Gods By Paul Weller Heres one from Paul's brilliant new album "Stanley Road" INTRO: N.C. E|-----------------------|-----------------------| B|-----------------------|-----------------------| G|-----------------0-----|-----------------------| D|----------0---------2--|----------0-------2h4--| A|-----2/4-----2/4-------|-----2/4-----2h4-------| E|--0--------------------|--0--------------------| E|--------------------|------------------| B|--------------------|------------------| G|-------------0------|------------------| D|----------0-----2---|----------0-------| A|-----2/4------------|-----2/4-----4~~--| E|--0-----------------|--0---------------| This is used all through the song, there are afew changes during the song but if you listen to it you'll soon get them :) VERSE 1: [Play with intro tab] Beware false prophets, Take a stand My fortune cookie, Craked up in my hand More advice to fill up my head E|---------------| B|-----------2---| G|--5-4-2-0--2---| D|-----------2---| A|-----------0---| E|---------------| [A]More empty words from the living [G]dead [A]Who seek to explain what can really be [G]said How [Dmaj7]diappointed I was to [Bm]turn out after all Just a [D]Porcelain God thet [F#m]shatters when it falls VERSE 2: Too much will kill you, Too little ain't enough You shout my name but, I call your bluff Most who see me, See me not for real We fake and fall, Play games 'til dawn E|---------------| B|-----------2---| G|--5-4-2-0--2---| D|-----------2---| A|-----------0---| E|---------------| [A]But I can see what you can [G]see [A]And I hate too what you hate in [G]me How [Dmaj7]disappointed I am to find me [Bm]part of no plan Just a [D]Porcelain God that [F#m]shatters when it falls Yeah, when it falls SOLO: VERSE 3: I shake it off, And start again Don't loose control, I Tell myself Life can take many Things away E|---------------| B|-----------2---| G|--5-4-2-0--2---| D|-----------2---| A|-----------0---| E|---------------| [A]Some people will try and take it [G]all [A]They'll pick off the pieces as they watch you [G]crawl And how [Dmaj7]disappointed I was to [Bm]turn out after all Just a [D]Porcelain God that [F#m]shatters when it falls That shatters when it falls... The intro tab is played a couple of times and then it moves on into "I Walk On Guilded Splinters" Tabbed By: -- __________________ _____________________________________________ / / | Andrew Mulhern | I am Today, You are Tomorrow | | ************** | I Light the Way, While You Drown the Sorrow | \__________________/ \_____________________________________________/ mulhern@zetnet.co.uk / /~~\_/~> ,,, ********************** { [====|||||||||||:::} \__/~\_> '''

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tablature porcelain gods paul weller

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