Tablature slip sliding away

Paul Simon
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Format : Slip sliding away, Paul simon
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Slip sliding away, Paul simon

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Received: from by (5.65c/M1.4) with SMTP id <AA21912> Thu, 22 Apr 1993 07:53:24 -0700 Received: from by id <> Thu, 22 Apr 1993 07:53:21 -0700 Message-Id: <> Received: from PTEARN.FC.UL.PT by FRMOP11.CNUSC.FR (IBM VM SMTP V2R2) with BSMTP id 8967; Thu, 22 Apr 93 16:50:42 GMT Received: by PTEARN (Mailer R2.07) id 0141; Thu, 22 Apr 93 15:24:44 PRT Date: Thu, 22 Apr 93 15:23:12 PRT From: "Joao Miguel C. N. Dias" <Q101%PTEARN.BITNET@FRMOP11.CNUSC.FR> Subject: Paul Simon To: SLIP SLIDING AWAY Chorus: C Am Slip sliding away, slip sliding away C G F G C You know the nearer your destination, the more you slip sliding away Am C Whoah and I know a man, he came from my hometown F Fm He wore his passion for his woman like a thorny crown C Am He said Dolores, I live in fear C G F G C My love for you's so overpowering, I'm afraid that I will disappear chorus I know a woman, (who) became a wife These are the very words she uses to describe her life She said a good day ain't got no rain She said a bad day is when I lie in the bed And I think of things that might have been chorus And I know a father who had a son He longed to tell him all the reasons for the things he'd done He came a long way just to explain He kissed his boy as he lay sleeping Then he turned around and he headed home again chorus Whoah God only knows, God makes his plan The information's unavailable to the mortal man We're workin' our jobs, collect our pay Believe we're gliding down the highway, when in fact we're slip sliding away chorus repeats 2x FROM LUIS CORREIA EMAIL TO Q101@ptearn.bitnet Acknowledge-To: <Q101@PTEARN>

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slip sliding away

Album : iTunes Festival: London 2011

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tablature slip sliding away paul simon

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