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Patty Loveless
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Format : Here i am, Patty loveless
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Here i am, Patty loveless

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: Alice Franceschini Date: October 26, 1997 Subject: Here I Am by Patty Loveless Album: When Fallen Angels Fly Written by: Tony Arata Note: If you hate this flat key, just ignore the flats and the Cm becomes a Bm. Check out my web page for How To Do SongGuitar Stuff. Http:// those are zeros not oohs. Here I Am Patty Loveless Intro chords Ab Eb Ab Eb Eb Don't do it darlin' Don' you dare look in there Ab You said you didn't wanna see me Eb But you've been lookin' for me everywhere Bb And you know that you're gonna find me Ab Eb If you keep on drinkin' fast Cm "Cause Honey I'm right there waiting on you Ab Eb At the bottom of your glass Ab Eb And here I am Here I am Ab Eb In the bourbon and the water Bb Ab That burn you just a like a brand Eb Here I am Eb It ain't working darlin' Hard as you may try Ab Eb You keep hearin' the words you told me in everyone's goodbye Bb And you know Ab Eb that you're just one step from another one being gone Cm I know I've seen 'em all unravel Ab Eb I've been watchin' it all along Ab Eb And here I am here I am Ab Eb In every lie you're hearin' Bb Ab Eb That burn you just a like a brand here I am Eb Ab Cm Ab And honey, I got over you passin' me over a long time ago Eb Ab And my pride was stronger when I was younger Cm Ab Now I'd rather have you to know Ab Eb That here I am here I am Ab Eb I still carry a flame for you Bb Ab Eb Burnin' me like a brand here I am

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here I am

Album : When Fallen Angels Fly

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tablature here I am patty loveless

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