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Format : Ms srajevo, Passengers
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Ms srajevo, Passengers

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # From: PAUL PAPLINSKI < or> Subject: MISS SARAJEVO (U2, Eno, Pavarotti) This is my first internet tabulature transcription, but I have to give Guy Bouchard the credit for figuring out the chords. I recently got the Passengers MISS SARAJEVO single, so I decided to fill in the words and add a few chords at the same time. I had to admit, I had some problems of figuring out some of the lyrics, so there maybe some mistakes. Corrections? If so, don't hesitate to email me ( I'm quite anxious for the new U2 CD to come out this summer, and hopefully U2 will tour this summer (I'll be there, of course). Anyhow, here's the song, and like Guy mentioned before, this song IS deep. ------------- MISS SARAJEVO ------------- Music by: Brain Eno Transcription by: Paul Paplinski Bono Adam Clayton The Edge Larry Mullen Jnr. Featuring Luciano Pavarotti CHORDS: (CAPO on 2nd fret!) Em A D F#m E-|----0----0----2----2----|-E B-|----0----2----3----2----|-B G-|----0----2----2----2----|-G D-|----2----2----0----4----|-D A-|----2----0----0----4----|-A E-|----0----0----0----2----|-E [Intro] Em A Em A D Em D F#m [Bono] Em Is there a time for keeping a distance A A time to turn your eyes away Em Is there a time for keeping your head down A Forgetting all of the day Em Is there a time for cold and listening (?) A A time for cutting hair (?) Em Is there a time for high streak shopping (?) A To find the right choice to wear D Here she comes (Hoooooo, hoooooo) Em D Lets turn around, here she comes D Here she comes F#m To take her crown Em Is there a time to walk for cover A A time for kiss and tell Em Is there a time for different colours A Different names you find it hard to spell Em Is there a time for first Communion A A time to e seventeen Em Is there a time to turn to Mecca A Is there time to be a beauty queen D Here she comes (Hoooooo, hoooooo) Em Beauty plays the clown D Here she comes F#m So real in her crown... [Pavarotti] * Em A Icci... Em A Em A Em A Em A D Em D F#m Em A Em A Em A [Bono] Em Is there time for tell and weeping (?) A A time for Christmas trees Em Is there time for maids and tables (?) A And the night is set to freeze D Em D F#m Em A Em A Em A [Note:] * Sorry, don't know Italian

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tablature ms srajevo passengers

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