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Ozzy Osbourne
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Format : Little dolls, Ozzy osbourne
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Little dolls, Ozzy osbourne

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## SONG: Little Dolls ARTIST: Ozzy Osbourne WRITTEN BY: Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads, Bob Daisley, and Lee Kerslake TRANSCRIBED BY: The HitMan, Krist Smith I use the idea of different guitars just to provide a way of telling when to turn on and off the effects. Guitar 1 - heavily distorted (perfectly, in fact) Guitar 2 - clean tone Guitar 3 - heavily distorted and possibly with a flanger or similar effect Guitar 4 - clean tone with flanger or similar effect *All guitars are tuned down 1/2 step (1=eb, 2=Bb, 3=Gb, 4=Db, 5=Ab, 6=Eb) Basically, when you see "guitar 1", just hit the distortion. It may seem a lot for nothing, but I want to get as much as possible right. Randy Rhoads rules!!!!!!!! LITTLE DOLLS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guitar Riffs: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (just a fill) RIFF A: |-------------| (guitar 1) H H p.h. eb|--------------------------------------------------------| Bb|--------------------------------------------------------| Gb|o--4-------4---7---------6---7---6---9--------------2--o| Db|o--4-------4---7---------6---7---6---9----------0^2----o| Ab|---2---0---2---5---------4---5---4---7------0^2---------| Eb|--------------------------------------------------------| RIFF B: (guitar 1) P.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. eb|--------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|--------------------------------------------------------------| Gb|o--4-------4-------4-------4----7-------7-------7-------7----o| Db|o--4-------4-------4-------4----7-------7-------7-------7----o| Ab|---2--2-2--2--2-2--2--2-2--2----5--5-5--5--5-5--5--5-5--5-----| Eb|--------------------------------------------------------------| RIFF C: (guitar 1) P.M.--| P.M.--| P.M. P.M. P.M. eb|-------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|-------------------------------------------------------------| Gb|o----------------9-------9-0---7-------7-------7-------7-0--o| Db|o--7-------7-0---9-------9-0---7-------7-------7-------7-0--o| Ab|---7-------7-0---7--7-7--7-0---5--5-5--5--5-5--5--5-5--5-0---| Eb|---5--5-5--5-0-----------------------------------------------| RIFF D: (guitar 2) A G D/F# F(type II) eb|---0---------3---------2---------1--------| Bb|---2---------3---------3---------1--------| Gb|o--2---------4---------2---------2-------o| Db|o--2---------5---------0---------3-------o| Ab|---0---------5-------------------3--------| Eb|-------------3---------2---------1--------| SOLO: (guitar 3) 1---------1 H ~~~~~~~ eb|-----/------------------------------------------------------------- Bb|----/-------------------------------------------------------------- Gb|---/---------------------------------------sl.----9^11--9---------- Db|--9-------------9--(9)----7-6--------6--7--9/(11)------------------- Ab|-------------------------------7--9--------------------------------- Eb|-------------------------------------------------------------------- 1---1 ~~~ 1------1 ~~~~~ ~~~~~ eb|----/------------/--12-----------------12/(14)-16-21-19-----19-16- Bb|---/--10--------12-----12-(12)---12/(14)--------------------------- Gb|--9------9-(9)------------------------------------------------------ Db|-------------------------------------------------------------------- Ab|-------------------------------------------------------------------- Eb|-------------------------------------------------------------------- RIFF E: (guitar 4) eb|-------------------5------4--|------------------------5------4------ Bb|--5---------7----------------|---7------5------7-------------------- Gb|-----------------------------|o------------------------------------- Db|-----------------------------|o------------------------------------- Ab|-----------------------------|-------------------------------------- Eb|-----------------------------|-------------------------------------- sl. sl. sl.(off neck) eb|-----------------5------4----|--(4)-------------| Bb|--7--5-/-7------------------|-------------------| Gb|----------------------------o|-------------------| Db|----------------------------o|-------------------| Ab|-----------------------------|-------------------| Eb|-----------------------------|-------------------| Riff Placement and Lyrics: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro (Riff A twice) Verse 1 (Riff A four times) Wrything and screaming, the pain just won't go he'll show you no mercy. Your image in his hands, it's useless to try escaping his cusres. Bridge 1 (Riff B once) The pins and needles prick the skin of little dolls (Riff A twice) Verse 2 (Riff A four times) Tortured and flaming, you'll give birth to hell living a nightmare. It's a pity, you'll pray for your death but he's in no hurry. Bridge 2 (Riff B once) The pins and needles prick the skin of little dolls Chorus (Riff C four times) Nowhere to run - your fate is in his hands Your time has come - you'll live to his command I'm warning you - the worst is yet to come The killer who remains a mystery Verse 3 (Riff A four times) I that believe in the stories of old would never fight it. Demons and curses that play on your soul like something ignited. Interlude (Riff D five times) You never imagined such a thing would follow you (you never thought it was true) And when it's your time I wonder how you'll do. Your kind of trouble's running deeper than you see You broke the rules, you've been a fool The little dool is you, yeah. Chorus (Riff C four times) Nowhere to run - your fate is in his hands Your time has come - you'll live to his command I'm warning you - the worst is yet to come The killer who remains a mystery Solo Bridge 3 (Riff E) (Riff A twice) (Repeat Verse 1 and the corus, but keep playing Riff C from the beginning of the chorus until the end of the song) I know somebody's gotta know the REAL way to play this, so please notify me if there are any mistakes. I know the end of the solo is wrong and I didn't really try to learn the outro. Randy Rhoads was the greatest guitar player of ALL TIME!!! I also know most of Tribute (Ozzy's tribute to Randy) and a few songs from Diary of a Madman and some Zakk Wylde songs from No More Tears. If there's a big demand, I'll post them. My compliments and thanks to Roger Meech for tabbing Diary of a Madman for us. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Krist Smith | "What fun is being 'cool' if you can't Norman's Cove, Newfoundland | wear a sombrero?" - Hobbes Canada | "Heck, that was more fun than exploding a Randy Rhoads fan and proud of it!| potato in the microwave!" - Calvin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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