Tablature christmas dinner

Noel Paul Stookey
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Format : Christmas dinner, Noel paul stookey
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Christmas dinner, Noel paul stookey

From: Barrie McCombs <> CHRISTMAS DINNER Time: 2/2 Tenor: G Bass: G - Paul Stookey, 1963 6m 5 4 1 And it .. came to pass on a Christmas evening 2m7 1 2 3 . While all the doors were .. shuttered tight 6m 5 4 1 .. Outside standing, .. lonely boy-child 2m7 1 3 6m * .. Cold and shivering .. in the night 6m 5 4 1 .. On the street, .. every window 2m7 1 2 3 . Save but one, was .. gleaming bright 6m 5 4 1 And to this window .. walked the boychild 2m7 1 3 6m * .. Peeking in saw, .. candle light 6m 5 4 1 Through other windows he had looked at turkeys 2m7 1 2 3 . Ducks and geese, .. cherry pies 6m 5 4 1 But through this window saw a grey-haired lady 2m7 1 3 6m * .. Table bare and .. tears in her eyes Into his coat reached the boy-child Knowing well there was litle there He took from his pocket, his own Christmas dinner A bit of cheese, some bread ... to share His outstretched hands held the food and they trembled As the door, it opened wide Said he, Would you share with me Christmas dinner Gently said she, Come inside The grey-haired lady brought forth to the table Glasses two and her last drop of wine Said she, Here's a toast to everyone's Christmas and especially, ... yours and mine And it came to pass on that Christmas evening While all the doors were shuttered tight That in that town, the happiest Christmas Was shared by ... candle light NOTES: - Timing varies in each verse SYMBOLS: - Asterisk (*) = new measure, play same chord - Period (.) = 1/8 note rest at start of a measure - Underline(_) = sustain note into next measure CHORDS (Number System): - Example: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - Key of C: C D E F G A B - Detailed description: /pub/guitar/other_stuff/numbering_system.txt - Submitted by: Barrie McCombs (

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tablature christmas dinner noel paul stookey

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