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No Doubt
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Format : Hey you, No doubt
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Hey you, No doubt

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 18:43:42 +0000 (GMT) From: "HAKENBERG R.J." <> HEY YOU NO DOUBT Title: Hey You (acoustic version recorded September 1996) CD-single: Don't speak. Hey You is the third track (Trauma Records/Interscope/MCA IND95515) Artist: No Doubt Transcription by: Ronald Hakenberg ( I'm not quite certain about some parts of the lyrics, so if anyone out there can fill in the question marks, please mail me. I'm also interested in other No Doubt e-mail (concert dates in Holland, interesting Internet sites and the like). Intro (Fig. 1) Verse 1 (Fig. 2) Hey you, with the wedding dress on made to watch your ??? blowing away (?????) Hey you, with the dreams in your head You've been so misled by your hearts, oh Pre-chorus (Fig. 3, four times) I know you're waiting for your ship to come in You anxiously wait for such a long time (Fig. 4) Chorus (Fig. 5) You're just like my Ken and Barbie doll You dress up, you play the game You're just like my Ken and Barbie doll Your name will never change Verse 2 Hey you, with eyes full of hope You think it can rope with desires Hey you, you night thing (???) your patience and down will die her (???) Pre-chorus I know you're thinking at the top of your end (????) How did you ever get such high hopes Chorus You're just like my Ken and Barbie doll In a plastic world of make believe You're just like my Ken and Barbie doll Your name will never change You're just like my Ken and Barbie doll In a plastic world of make believe You're just like my Ken and Barbie doll Your name will never change Solo (Fig. 6 with Fig. 1) (Fig. 1) Hey you....hey you...hey you I know your waiting for your live to begin Oh, wake up girl you've got it all wrong, wrong, wrong. You want a bride that you're not gonna win (???) Oh, face it girl you got it all wrong, wrong Chorus You're just like a Ken and Barbie doll you dress up, you play the game You're just like a Ken and Barbie doll Your name will never change You're just like my Ken and Barbie doll In a plastic world of make believe You're just like my Ken and Barbie doll Your's is just going to ?????? Tablature (All notes are picked unless shown otherwise) /=slide up, p=pull-off, ~=tremolo effect Fig. 1 Intro (2 times) E|-----------------------------------------------| B|--------7----------5-----------7--------8------| G|--------7----------5-----------7--------5------| D|-----7----7----------7-------7---7--------7----| A|--5--------------7-------5------------7--------| E|--------------5---------------------5----------| Fig. 2 Verse (four times) E|----------------------------------| B|--------7--------------5(8)-------| G|--------7--------------5----------| D|-----7-----7--------------7-------| A|--5-----------------7-------------| E|-----------------5----------------| Fig. 3 Pre chorus E|:---------------------| B|:------3--------5-----| G|:------4--------5-----| D|:---------------------| A|:----5--------7-------| E|:--3-----3--5-----3---| Fig. 4 time... (hopes....) E|:----------------------------------------| B|:------3---------------------------5-----| G|:------4---------5-------5-------4-------| D|:--------------5---5---5---5---5---------| A|:----5-------3-------3-------3-----------| E|:--3-----3-------------------------------| Fig. 5 E|--------5-------------:|-----------------------------------| B|--------7-------------:|-----5-------5-------5----------5--| G|------7---7----------:|-----5-------5-------5(4)------4---| D|----------------------:|---5---5---5---5---5-----5---5-----| A|--5------------7-----:|-3-------3-------3---------3-------| E|-------------5-------:|-----------------------------------| Fig. 6 Solo E|------------------------------------------------------| B|-7------7-8--------8-10--------10-8-7-p8-7-------7-| G|---7---------7-----------7----------------------9--7----| D|-----7----------7-----------7------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------| E|-----7-8-7-----------------------| B|-10--------10--8--10--/7---------| G|----------------------------9~~~--| D|---------------------------------| A|---------------------------------| E|---------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------| B|--12-p13-12--10--p12--10--8--12--10~~----| G|-----------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------| B|--8-p10-8---7-p8-7--5--8---------------------| G|---------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------10 p11-10-p11-10...| A|---------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------8---7-| G|------------------------------7--9-------| D|--10-7-------------7--9--10-------------| A|--------10--9--10----------------------| E|---------------------------------------| Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 21:58:23 +0100 From: Denis <> Hey You - No Doubt From the album "Tragic Kingdom" ------------------------------------------------------ Written by Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal [ToTaLlY tYpEd Up By MaRdI gRaS(tNt)] Notes: This is a really groovy tune, one of my faves off the album. Tom Dumont packs a real good punch in his guitar licks by using combinations of palm muting with left-hand muting. I have not worked out the whole song yet, but what we have here is the intro and a bit into the verse. The song doesn't seem hard and I will work on it later when I have the time (This one was a "spur of the moment" thing)! I have not shown where the muting takes place, so here's a chance for you to listen to the song and improve your "earing" technique! Here are the Rhythm Figures... Study them well! Rhythm Fig. 1 B E| B| G| 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 D| 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 A| 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 E| Rhythm Fig. 2 C# G# E| B| 6 6 G| 6 6 6 5~~~ D| 6 6 6 6~~~ A| 4 6 6 6~~~ E| 4 4 4 Rhythm Fig. 3 C# G# E| B| 6 6 7 G| 6 6 6/8 D| 6 6 A| 4 6 6 E| 4 4 Rhythm Fig. 4 C# G# E| B| 6 6 G| 6 6 6 5 D| 6 6 6 6 A| 4 6 6 6 E| 4 4 4 Rhythm Fig. 5 C# G# E| B| 6 6 G| 6 6 6 4 D| 6 6 6 4^6 A| 4 6 6 E| 4 4 Intro: RhyFig1 RhyFig2 RhyFig3 Verse 1: RhyFig4(x3) Hey you with the wedding dress on RhyFig5 Made of white chiffon blowing in the wind Hey you with the dreams in your head You've been so mislead by your heart's pull

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hey you

Album : Tragic Kingdom

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