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Format : Diggin this, Nickelback
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Diggin this, Nickelback

Song: =Diggin' This Band: =Nickelback Tabbed by: =Bryan Rutherford Email: Tabs: I'm diggin the hell out of this song, it's bad ass, it's fairly simple, the solo is tight. i probably don't have that totally right, but you can take it and run with it. drop d (dadgbe) intro 1 time. gtr 1 & 2 |------------------------------------- |------------------------------------- |--5b~~~--------5b~~~----------------- |--5b~~~----5---5b~~~--3-3------------ |---------x-3----------5-5------------ |---------x--------------------------- bass kicks in here. verses (see lyrics below) gtr 1&2 basically the same as the intro just a little added to it. |------------------------------------- |------------------------------------- |------5b~~~------5b~~~--------------- |------5b~~~----5-5b~~~--5-5---------- |-3--5--------x-3--------3-3---------- |-3--5--------x----------------------- gtr 1 does this 2 times with gtr 2, then stops. you say you don't want it. just watch and you'll fall it. stare at the ceiling and ignore what i'm feeling. gtr 1 while gtr 2 keeps doing the verse riff. |------------------------------------- |------------------1st----2nd--------- |------------------------------------- |-----------------3h5------3br-------- |-----6-3-3-3-6-3--------------------- |-3-3--------------------------------- 2 times with lyrics well i'm fine, you know i don't mind i can't find nothing wrong with it. and you say in your polite way oh by the way, could you get on with it? chorus? |------------------------------------- |------------------------------------- |--3---------------------------------- |--3-----3---------------------------- |--1-----3---------------------------- |--------3---------------------------- let these ring and strum them a few times. AHHHHHH and I seee!!!!! not reeeally diiiiggin thiiiiiiiiis!,, (he might not be, but i am) repeat all this with the rest of the verses and such interlude, the fills thru the interlude are shown below. bass makes his cool noise here. |------------------------------------- |------------------------------------- |------------------------------------- |-1-x-2-3-x-1-1-1---1-x-2-3-x-1-1----- |-1-x-2-3-x-1-1-1---1-x-2-3-x-1-1----- |------------------------------------- fills for interlude |----------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------- |-----1h2------13-1-13-1---------------------- |-1h3----------13-1-13-1---------------------- |----------------------------------------------- SOLO (2:02-2:12) *one hell of a lot of cool *** in ten seconds* this is tight as hell yall. |------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------ |----------------------------------18------ |----------------14----------18p15----17--- |-15151515151515----15151515--------------- |------------------------------------------ |----------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------- |----------------14-----------------13h14------- |-15151515151515-----151515131313h15------15-13- |----------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------- |-14p13------13--14p13-----13--14p13------13---- |-------15-15----------1515----------15-15------ |----------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------- |-14p13----13--1517 17-17--15-14-13------------ |-------15-------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------- he loses me here, it's some kind of flurry, this is what i play to end it. |------------------------------------------------- |------------------------------------------------- |------------------------------------------------- |-15-14-13-12------------------------------------- |-------------15-14-13-12------------------------- |----------------------------9-8-7~~~~~~~~~------- there are a couple of spots In the solo I don't think i'm getting just right, The first two bars I'm pretty much positive are dead on, the others. . weeell.,.,., if you get something that you think sounds better email it to me please

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tablature Diggin This nickelback

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