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Nick Cave
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Format : Theloomoftheland, Nick cave
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Theloomoftheland, Nick cave

{title:Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Loom of the Land} {subtitle:Album: Henry's Dream, 1992} #Covered by The Walkabouts on "Satisfied Mind", minus the "I told Sally #in whispers"-verse. Change "Sally" to "Henry" throughout. {comment:Capo 1st fret} It's was the dirty end of w[Em]inter Along the loom of the l[G]and When I walked with sweet S[D]ally H[C]and upon h[Em]and And the wind it bit bitter For a boy of no means With no shoes on his feet And a knife in his jeans Along the loom of the land The mission bells peeled From the lower at Saint Mary's Down to Reprobate Fields And I saw that the world Was all blessed and bright And Sally breathed softly In the majestic night {start_of_chorus} O baby please don't c[D]ry And try to k[Em]eep Your little h[D]ead upon my sh[C]oulder Now go to s[Em]leep {end_of_chorus} The elms and the poplars Were turning their backs Past the rumbling station We followed the tracks We found an untrodden path And followed it down The moon in the sky Like a dislodged crown My hands the burned In the folds of her coat Breathing milky white air From deep in her throat {comment:Chorus} O baby please don't cry And try to keep Your little head upon my shoulder Now go to sleep I told Sally in whispers I'll never bring you harm Her breast it was small And warm in my palm I told her the moon Was a magical thing That it shone gold in the winter And silver in spring And we walked and walked Across the endless sands Just me and my Sally Along the loom of the land {comment:Chorus} O baby please don't cry And try to keep Your little head upon my shoulder Now go to sleep {comment:Repeat chorus} #Transcribed by: Vidar Bergh (

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tablature theloomoftheland nick cave

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