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Randy Newman
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Format : Its money that matters, Randy newman
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Its money that matters, Randy newman

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Keith Spurgeon) This is my first post of chords, so I'm praying the lines w/ chords and the lines w/ words roughly match up. Someone (sorry didn't catch name, cause I'm new to this game) posted a request for the chords to "It's Money That Matters" by Randy Newman, from the recording "Land of Dreams" (Reprise 25773--a few bad tunes, but a few really great tunes, so buy it!). The poster can e-mail me for clarification. I welcome all corrections, suggestions, praise, and flames at my e-mail address. Here is a condensation of the chords for the tune. It's pretty much a "cycle" tune, so I didn't include all lyrics and verses. Notes: The verse merely cycles through D-A-G-D (with two beats per chord, but note that the D chord repeats at beginning and end of each cycle). What Newman calls the Chorus (where he sings "It's money that matters") follows the same D-A-G-D pattern. What I have called Bridge I is pretty straightforward, but what I have called Bridge II is actually a little riff section, so the chords are deceptive. I will spell the notes in the "C-no third" riff (pretty wimpy thing to call a riff) so you can get it a little better. For the "C no third" chord, don't even bother playing a chord, just play the riff notes, duplicated in all the octaves you can spare (within reason). Bridge I appears only once in the song. Bridge II comes twice: once after Bridge I (and a short turnaround), and once after the third verse. You're on your own to sound like Mark Knopfler does on the recording. It's Money That Matters Randy Newman D A G D Of all of the people D A G D that I used to know D A G D Most never adjusted D A G D to the great big world etc. BRIDGE I Bmin A G All of these people are much brighter than I Bmin A G In any fair system they would flourish and thrive D But they barely survive A They eke out a living A#dim Bmin And they barely survive Bmin A G D/F# (<- turnaround into first occurence of Bridge II) Bridge II A (no third) C no third (riff: g c c c d) When I was a young boy A (no third) C no third (riff: g c c c d) Maybe thirteen A (no third) C no third (riff: g c c c d) I took a hard look around me A (no third) C no third (riff: g c c c d) and asked what does it mean? D A G D So I talked to my father D A G D and he didn't know. etc. (Note: Bridge II repeats after third verse) [I checked the layout after I pulled this into my news editor,and the chords and lines seem to match up pretty well. We'll see how well it nets.]

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tablature its money that matters randy newman

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