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New Order
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Format : Ceremony, New order
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Difficulté : 5/10

Ceremony, New order

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From Fri Mar 4 13:59:49 1994 Path:!ieunet!!sunic!psinntp!psinntp!barilvm!!!ramiz Newsgroups: Subject: RE: REQ: Ceremony - Joy Division Message-ID: <> From: (RAMI ZAKH) Date: 2 Mar 1994 12:40 IDT Distribution: world Organization: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Nntp-Posting-Host: News-Software: VAX/VMS VNEWS 1.41 Lines: 71 I've been working on it lately, it's far from being perfect not too far, i hope. I'd like to receive some feedback/corrections. Notes: some of you will surely prefer to shift the whole sequence by a tone or two. the chords are based on very simple tabs found for the song's riffs, which i don't post now. The Chords: eBGDAE Amaj7 012100 E 001220 F# 22344X or 223442 (full barre') Nochord 11344X or 113441 F#maj7 12344X or 123441 B 2444XX or 244422 C# 4666XX or 466644 A# 66788X or 667886 Notes: It's easiest to play with capo on fret #1, but then the Amaj7-E sequence is disabled (either find new fingerings for them or let them be shifted to their corresponding #s [which is weaker]) The full barre' versions of the chords are preferable, imo. Full lyrics available at either or There are two main chord riffs: #1 (fast) F# F# Nochord F#maj7 F# F# Nochord F#maj7 I've heard them all, no mercy shown B B B B B B B C# A# Heaven knows it has to be this time (repeat) -- #2 (which is also applicable to the NO intro, that is play it before the 1st verse, figuring the rhythm for yourselves) Amaj7 E Watching Forever (i think it's better to play notes while singing this, the chords suit the intro better) -- That's as far as i got now. Again, i'd love to get feedback on it, as i fear there is room for corrections. o o ^ Rami. P.S. oh, almost forgot... A BONUS TRACK!!! By complete coincidence, i found yesterday the rhythm chords for "Walked in Line" - very simple progression-regression (with standard barre' chords): F G A G F Again, figure out the rhythm alone (long durations on the Fs and As, very short on the G) Have fun!

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tablature ceremony new order

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