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Format : It s over now, Neve
Version #2804763 mise en tablature par placeboy
Difficulté : 5/10
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It s over now, Neve

Neve Its Over Now Bmin9='131113' My first attempt at doing a song...Forgive me if I do any mistakes... Firstly, somewhere between the first and second verses theres a transition of chords, can't figure that out. Secondly, I'm not sure if '131113' is Bmin9. If you know the proper name for it, or u know something that I should know, or if u just wanna contact me, I'm at Thirdly, figure out the timing yourself, and most importantly, have fun. =) Intro, Verse, Chorus, Solo: Cadd9, G, Dm, Bmin9 Bridge: "You won't ever be happier...." Am, Dm, F, Cadd9 Am, Dm, F, G Solo: e|--------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------10----------6------10-| G|-5-5-7-9-7-7s9-----9-7~~~-------10--7-9---9-7-----| D|--------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------| continued... e|8-6-5h6p5---------------------------| B|----------8---11--10--8^9------6----| G|------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------| e|----13----13----13-------17------17------17----20--------| B|-------11----11--------------15------15------------------| Lyrics: She comes up and over time She'll see what I could be A cold routine or something That just won't stop touching me And I wait here another time Like a thousand times before I'm dropping out and faded But I keep on wanting more She comes up another time And she really really doesn't care That I can't keep time or the rhythm straight 'Cause it's one thing she don't dare And it's alright I drop the line And it's one thing to be free Well I never really had a thing for that But it's everything I need And you don't ever understand It's right here in our hands The outline of our lives It's over now She wakes up from a deeper sleep A nightmare through and through She won't stop trippin' on the day time vibe But that's one thing I won't do Then it's over and back again And she's still on the attack But I'm convinced I've found a reason To keep her coming back And you don't ever understand It's right here in our hands The outline of our lives It's over now You won't ever be happier Until you find that special place where you belong And you won't ever be happier Until you find that only way Until you find the only way back home And you don't ever understand It's right here in our hands The outline of our lives It's over now It's over now It's over now --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Soon

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tablature It s over now neve

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